New Gadgets – Episode 3

Yes.. it’s an iPad

Anyone that can afford one, please make an effort to get one. It’s one of the greatest gadgets ever. You can find verything you need is in this 242.8 x 189.7 x 13.4 mm, 0.68kg. That’s the weight for the Wi-Fi model. Do you know that the Wi-Fi + 3G model weighs slightly heavier?

The kids love the iPad for its games. I love the iPad to. I enjoy playing word games and am specially hooked on Words HD which I now just remembered, I haven’t submit my words via online yet. Sorry there’s not a picture of me fingerprinting the iPad but I’m sure future pictures will happen to appear.

The games that the kids play…. I have no idea how to excel in them.. I don’t know how they do it just tap tap tap then voila! Haha… kids can cope with adult games so fast nowadays. They watch while you play then when you visit the loo just for a minute, the game goes on like it wasn’t yours at the first place.

There are many different kinds of skins, casings and protectors for the iPad. I find them utterly unaffordable especially in licensed stores.. oh actually Low Yat stores do sell them too; plentiful not-so-worth-it. Haha….  A screen protector is a must get, but a bag/leather case/slip? Urrgh.. iPad can easily slip into one of those 10″ mini laptop sleeves. It’s cheap, practical and it does the job as those on the pricey racks. And when I say affordable, get them online because you can read reviews without the need of trying plus it comes straight to your doorstep!

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