Pos ‘TAK’ Laju

Anybody experiencing Pos ‘TAK’ Laju Services? I think it only happened recently. Pos Laju services used to be so laju but now it takes like between 5-7 days or maybe a week to reach between states.

Well, that’s what happened! I got a ‘SORRY NOTE’. Technically, my company received a ‘SORRY NOTE’. When I checked online for the tracking details, the date of supposed delivery was 11th June. I only got the note on 17th June. So where did it went for the past week? Hanging around at the depot centre? What if the postage was important? By the way it was. It was office documents.

And this isn’t the first time. The ‘SORRY NOTE’ comes even when there’s people to receive the parcel/documents. It says ‘addressee not available during delivery’. WTH! Our office hours are from 8.30am – 6.30pm. It’s either we are invisible, the Pos Laju guy is blind or he’s darn too lazy to deliver into the industrial area. Lazy bugger!

And when I called 1300-300-300, it takes forever for a customer service to pick up and when they do, they gave me different kinds of excuses. It’s like almost they mini-miney-moe it from a list.

Whatever it is, this kind of service isn’t worth paying for. Now that the postage rates will be doubled and some tripled on 1st July, I don’t know how to rebuild trust with our main post service of Malaysia.

I really hope the can pick up with their services like how it used to me. Reliable, on-time, trusty, persistent and responsible.

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  • Hi Elena, I have the same situation with pos Malaysia…
    However, please note that there is also some problems with FDex nowadays..
    just to inform you… :)

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