Labour Day with Iron Man2

What’s with the QUEUE?

It was Movie Day for us on Labour Day.

We E-bought Iron Man2 tickets three days in advance!

That’s why you don’t see me in the picture. :p

(Thanks Doyle, for the heads up)

We had breakfast before we started our activities! We ate at Phò Hôa.

Joe had the original Beef Noodles

While Judith opt for noodles with sliced chicken instead

Javier had the same dish as Joe which he never did finished but normally ends up in Jake’s tummy

We also encountered ‘Pet Adoption Programs’ by SPCA and PAWS which the kids were excited about.

Take Me Home but the pups were so engrossed playing that they forgot about us!

Howling for a new master

While we were waiting for our movie, the kids couldn’t help kidding around by using movie cut-out cardboard props for their entertainment.

For Him :  Dying has never been so funny!

For Her : This is how Dying Sweetly looks

Puss definitely put on some weight since we last saw him

But this was THE BEST!

3 Nightmares on Elm Street… WAHAHA


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  • I just started reading your site – thanks for writing. I wanted to inform you that it’s not displaying correctly on the BlackBerry Browser (I have a Blackberry 9700). Anyway, I am now subscribed to the RSS feed on my PC, so thanks again!

  • Hi there, thanks for the heads up but unfortunately I don’t have Berries to check my posts out… but Apple seems to be going well with WordPress.

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