Celebrating Mum’s Day

Even before Mother’s Day was near, I was cracking my head over which day to celebrate with the mother of my husband and the mother of mine. It was uncertain because everyone has plans and it was hard to unforeseen to certain certainties.

But at the end of the week, and that was Friday night.. we finally decided Saturday was for MIL and Sunday was for my mom. Thank God weekends have 2 days and luckily, the venues we eyed on at the last minute were on our sides.

We booked to dine at Hanazen, a Japanese restaurant at Jaya One. We’ve been there before with the kids. It was memorable. Therefore, we thought it would be great dine as a crowd and hopefully to get the private room which we did.

That’s Ibu Ritha

Mizz Nancy

Mizz Judith and Ibu Elena… wahaha

Some of the FOODZ


For the Kwok’s side of Mother’s Day, we celebrated at Latest Recipe, Le Meridien. It was our first time stepping into Le Meridien. The hotel was pretty quiet.. well not until we went upstairs to the dining area. The whole place was packed and tables were filled till the corridors.

Momma Rina

While we were waiting for… dad, mom, sis, ed, Uncle Yan and Josephine;

Javier so very happy with his bowl of gummies

Joe eying on which ice-cream flavor he should choose and what kind of toppings he wants… AHEM.. you can choose from over 15 different kinds of toppings..

Jake multitasking… iPhone + Waffles + Ice-Cream

Edmund and Elaine.. the blue dressed couple

Uncle Yan and Josephine… the black dressed couple

Mom and Dad… the contemporary dressed couple

Jakelena… the not so coordinated dressed couple

Uncle Yan with his monkeys who are behaving on that day

Oooo… I was having my ‘One-Hella-Super-Thicke-Coffee’..by illy

(so thick I actually had to poo 5 minutes later)

Mother’s Day this year was simple and nice. I would so love to have this mother’s day again but it shouldn’t be celebrated only once a year. I think mother’s day happens everyday. It’s all the same with any other commercial celebrations like Valentine’s Day and Friend’s Day but then it’s a good international alarm to remind those who forget their loved ones

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