My Version of, ‘OH WHERE OH WHERE’

Oh where oh where have our baggage gone, Oh where oh where can they be, With our feet so sore and our we’ve waited so long, Oh where oh where so very bitterly.


My bags are missing in action, My bags are nowhere to be seen, My bags might be doing the locomotion, Oh bring back my bags, don’t be mean.

Bring back oh bring back, Oh bring back my bags to me to me, Bring back, AirAsia you’re lack, Lacking of service terrible-ly!

This was our Singapore trip. A quicky business trip. A trip that was unplanned and unorganized but nevertheless worth it for the expanding of the company. Everything was a rush. We just dumped our clothes into the bag.. the bag.. yeap we shared one, left work not really the time we planned (30mins late actually), almost forgot the board samples, flew back home, changed our clothes (which I never did), and slide into the cab. There was no time to breathe!

Our taxi driver, Uncle Yam who had driven us to the airport numeral times

Elaine who was suffering from headache

Elena, down with stomach flu was already half dead even before leaving the house

AirAsia shouldn’t be so stingy.. the poor man at check-in needed more lighting to read our passports

My dinner a.k.a. Chicken Pie which was horrendous.. worst pie ever. And of course with the flu in my stomach and the armpit smells of our friends from the North , I puked the moment I touched down at Changi.

We were picked up by a representative when we came out of the airport. My stomach was having its own marching band all the way. At that very moment, I actually wished I hadn’t got on that plane. My thoughts were wondering if I was suffering from Appendicitis and God hope not DEFINITELY not in Singapore!

Yup! That’s our ride for the next 2 days. A Chrysler 300 with buffed leather seats. Mind you, Sing drivers are much more meaner than KL-ians. They brake at the last minute, they don’t use their mirrors and… they corner KAO KAO!

We were checked into a nice budget hotel. Miss Mary invited us for supper but we were so tired we had to say no. She dropped us off and off we went with our key-card in hand. The next 2 days were packed with meeting people. Some of our appointments were planned and some not. We kinda’ hop on and off the car which was pretty tiring. Suddenly it’s lunch then meeting customers and back to the hotel. Then it’s dinner at 8.30pm when dinner is supposed to be at 7pm. Shoot! The next thing I knew, I arrived at Marina Bay.

Our tight but all so comfy room at the Value Hotel along Balestier Road

This was where we ponder and wander when we are not meeting customers

I’m feeling a whole lot better the next day. But I still couldn’t gobble down food like how I used to. Sob.. but I lurve food and it’s Singapore!

Food!!!! Sadly, I only touch a pinch of these and that..

Since we were booked into Value Hotel for a night, the next 2 nights we had to bear ourselves. So sad, they brought us to Hotel 81. At first it was quite alright until we saw sexy chicks with horny men. OMG! It was ‘Hooka World’.

Look! She’s so comfy already!

I was pretty disgusted with the place and I was feeling horrible… tired and unwell.. so what did I do? I drew my eyeliners thicker, humor myself and start snapping away.

Elaine’s pre-dinner.. ‘Wasabi Potato Chips’

My pre-dinner… bowl noodles which I had to eat with 2 stirrers because it doesn’t come with a fork.

Hi, GUCCI I see you.. but I don’t need you

This is Marina Bay’s Shopping Mall.. not fully functional yet.. only 40% done!

Panaromic View.. sorry that it has to be this small…

You have to go through 4 hurdles before entering the casino

Oops… I accidentally snapped this picture.. No cameras allowed, my friend.

I played nice. I did not lose.. at least I still have 0.05 cents.

Best breakfast ever > SGD1.80 only

This is one healthy drink.. Vegetables + Fruits

Crab porridge for lunch

Vinegar Pork Trotters.. yum yum

Spicy Pork Intestine Soup (the best part of staying in Hotel 81)

Anyone fancy some Beach Road Scissors -Cut Curry Rice?

Our lunch at Terminal 1 at Changi Airport.. not nice leh!

Goodbye Singapore… Kay-Ell, I can’t wait to be home…

Funny, I was feeling a lot better after I touched down. My appetite gradually increased, my intakes and outtakes were going back to normal. Yippie! I’m feeling like Elena again. Home must have cured me.

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