Surprise For Mom!

It was Mom’s birthday 2 weeks ago.

So, it happened that her birthday fell on Wednesday.

Therefore, I decided to take a day’s leave to give her the day off.

Coincidentally, my uncle’s birthday also falls in May (2 days before Mom’s).

Why not kill 2 birds with one stone right? Hmm should I say 3 birds because taking a day off means having time off from work and it sure does feels good to be lazing at home on a working day.

I’m horrible, aren’t I?

We had surprises for mom on her birthday. The first one was her cake which sis ordered a week before from Just Heavenly. Uncle Yan were our pick up guy but he somehow broke the pot. Never mind bout that because we had another surprise!  Sis, who couldn’t remove herself from the work desk, took a longer than usual lunch (approved by boss of course) came home to celebrate cake cutting with all of us.

Firing the cake up… careful not to burn my fingers..

She’s one happy woman @ sister @ wife @ mother @ grandmother

One puff is all she needed to put out fires.. hehe

Cut and served.. the cake was delicious. Delicious enough to have a second slice.

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