Yummy Mummy is moving… MOVED already!

Hey guys.. Yummy Mummy is finally getting its own domain and space. I know it’s not been long since I started blogging but I think I’ve grown a lot (matured not fat) so, therefore I must move on.


Now it’s only… www.elenajake.com

Yes.. I know my previous web address was kinda like a tongue twister. Who names and spells it this way anyway? ELENA that is! Maybe I should rename my blog from Yummy Mummy Blogging the Blog to YMBB. Ö

Don’t panic if my blog theme is pink in the morning, green at noon or black by night because currently, it’s still in the midst of refurbishment. Need a few more fixtures just like having a new home needing some furniture. I’ve always wanted to this a long time ago (last year actually) but never have the guts to import my posts to a new space (what if it went haywire?) but.. yes there’s the BIG BUT. THANKFULLY, I’ve got some help from tech-wise people like William and Demsi to do innovation work on my blog .

Wait… is my blog a guinea pig? Haha… only kidding. Hopefully I’ll catch up with the new layout and editorial stuff so I can start blogging again. In the meantime, watch this space. If you want updates on my new blog, please email me at;

e.l.e.n.a._.j.a.k.e.@nospam.hotmail.com (remove all the fullstop and the nospam)

I’ll mail you once my page is up and alive but don’t worry I won’t send you junk-mails, probably quirky ones instead. Hope to hear from you and I hope you’ll hear from me soon.

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