on a sunny Sunday filled with joy and laughter.

Where: Jaya33, KL.

It’s a post on food again.

I don’t think I could ever start a food blog as I’m always forgetting something somewhere in between savoring meals.

To start off, I always forget about the prices, the food pictures and probably skipped out the reviews.

I mean, food are either good or bad, right? If it’s good, the plate will be wiped clean and if it’s bad, you’ll never return. For me, if it ain’t my cup of tea, I’d leave a portion lying there and when they give me that look, I’ll let them know it sux. Well, I won’t mutter ‘THIS SUX’, I’d probably go with the one lop-sided smile.

Joe with his Bento Set

Ebi Tempura.. super deep fried

What’s the red meat for?

Eeee.. there’s a hose in the saucepan….


Normally we get tea from a kettle but in this case, it’s definitely soup.

This set minus the meat cost RM15 only.. how nice I don’t need to share.. got my own saucepan, my own soup and cooked it the way I like without being considerate.

OMG I look blur here too.. am I that pale always?

I blame ‘Work Stress’ :p

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