Festival of Qing Ming @ Melaka

This year, our Qing Ming Prayers were planned a little earlier than the previous years. We even left earlier at 6.30am with the kids still in a daze from their early wakey.

The day is still night…

Never leave with a cuppa.. hehe we had McD’s for breakfast. Fast and efficient while on the go.

While the 2 big babies were snoring away,

Javier kept himself busy with hub’s iPhone

We arrived at Melaka at around 7.45am and the sky was still in between grey and blue. We quickly setup the scene before the sun rises to avoid the heatwave.

Beware ‘the one’ has erected from its grave
(that’s Nancy btw)

The little ones helped out too

Except for Javier who was glued to me which makes me his twin!

The kids having fun hiding under the shady umbrella

Later, ‘Young Ye-Ye’ joined in the fun

The boys were bored so they end up digging the ground looking for worms to scare each other

Then, we took turns to say ‘HI’ to the oldest YONG. Cecilia also danced to Wonder Girls’, “Nobody” with her butt shaking left and right. I’m sure ‘the others’ enjoyed her mini performance.

The amount of money the late ‘Mr Yong’ received were about 6-8 big bags in total.
Wonder if he managed to spend them all… HMM

Oh… we’re just waiting for FIL’s dad to finish his buffet breakfast..

Love is everywhere.. it even happens in the cemetery.. He said, “Soft Cushion”. Then, I said, “Picture looks like taken in a resort!”. He said, This can be a resort!”.


Yeap! That’s a whole pig. Every year, a pig gets to travel to Melaka.
FIL is trying out the meat… Cc said it was dull.. HAHA of course! Who ate it first?
Someone, somewhere once told me, ‘they‘ lick them.

After prayers, we soon left and have proper breakfast. It was only 9.45am therefore, the only place that’s open around the corner was McDs’. Oh dear. McDs’ twice a day and it was between 6am-10am. Oh well! After breakie ended, after the 3 SILs’ have bragged about boys, the Mark X headed back to KL while the X-Trail began it’s journey to Melaka Town.

We arrived at our hotel too early so we had to wait at the club lounge where the view was magnificent.

While I watch the business news, the kids hogged Hub’s iPhone

We finally got to our room 45 minutes later. We checked ourselves into a Club Suite complete with Club Facilities.

Judith’s Doggie and Javier’s Mickey too tagged along quietly inside our luggage

Only 5 minutes ago we entered the room and the kids have searched high and low for the perfect hide n’ seek spot.

Spa amenities…

After the kids took turns to soaked themselves in the tub, we ordered room service for lunch. We eat and eat only. HAHA!

Yummy!!! One plate for each of the kids.. We let them eat then we finished what is left on the plate. The portion was big so no worries, we have our fair share.

Javier’s ‘Fish N’ Chips’

Judith’s big plate of ‘½ Chicken with Mashed Potatoes’

Joe’s favourite, ‘Spaghetti Bologna’

We always choose hotels with swimming pool unless it’s really unavailable then the kids will just have to settle with bath tubs instead. So, whenever we booked a getaway with the kids, the first question directly will be, ‘Do you have a child’s pool?’ then it will be, ‘Is there a bath tub in the room?’. These 2 are the most important things to inquire. HAHA!

When it doesn’t rain, the kids get to waddle the pool while I take a rest under the sun. But sadly, it wasn’t sunny. How to sunbathe without the help of rays? Freezing disappointing!

These deck beds are so cute… I just want to cuddle in them but it was soaking wet.. duno who so irresponsible. There’s a reason it’s cushioned OK?

The weather was cooling and the wind was blowing everyone’s patience away… HAHA.. the kids were freezing and I was trying to stay warm.

For dinner, we took the shuttle service to Mahkota Parade where we ate Japanese Cuisine.

Soft Shell Crab Maki

Ginger Beef Maki

Melaka food portions are huge.. Hubby and Me were trying our best to finish what we ordered.

We walked over to Padang Pahlawan and saw this cute advertisement with a little boy which resembled Javier.

The kids were having fun taking turns to have a picture taken with the AD which prompt Hubby to make a comic version of it.

Sis asked me to visit her friend’s Skinny Yogurt booth in Padang Pahlawan which we savored on healthy yogurt with fresh fruits! I told her I would try to look out for it but it was easy to spot as the booth was brightly lit and it’s pretty eye-catching. Too bad, the owner wasn’t there because if she was, I would ask for a free serve.. Oh I’m only kidding.. but the guy at the counter was very friendly. :)

I had strawberry yogurt topped with cranberries… WOO-HOO

Hubby preferred the Plain Yogurt topped with almond and passion-fruit syrup.. heavenly! It’s healthy yogurt. Costs more than RM5 and less than RM10… it’s a deal because it was fulfilling.

On the last day, we checked out and went for a movie. We watched, ‘Clash of The Titans’ at Padang Pahlawan then had lunch before leaving Melaka. The kids were goo-goo-ga-ga-ing over the cute rice balls and I really miss these balls. Can’t remember when was the last time I had them.

There were plenty of rice balls I remembered and somehow we managed to empty the plate

On the way out from Melaka, I asked Hubby to stop by Tan Kim Hock because I love their cendol. I’m not really fond of this mouth-watering drink but somehow, I’m in love with this particular one. I also did some food souvenir shopping for the folks back in KL.

Yum! Even Hubby and Joe enjoyed a bowl each. So, if you guys are leaving Melaka, don’t forget to stop and take a sip. It’s along Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho. You should try their durian cendol.

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