A Night @ The Night Market

I had a wonderful time with Hubby at the night market near our home last Thursday. We planned for dinner at the night market a month back but was always backed by the weather or some other environmental issues. Finally, the weather treated us right and Hubby found his long time love called, “Bakso”.

What’s “Bakso”? Bakso are actually meatballs. In Indonesia, meatballs are called Bakso. Erm did I just repeat the phrase? Anyway, Bakso is really delicious. It’s normally served in a bowl and dined by the roadside in Indonesia. It’s full of spices, filled with meatballs, sometimes with noodles and that very tasty crispy thingy. Oooo.. not to forget the freshly pound green chilly that’s all so spicy that goes so well with the dish.

Btw, you can get Bakso nowadays too in air-conditioned places but Bakso’s real true form is served by the roadside. That’s authentic for me.

Little Stall with Hearty Bakso

The Traditional Bakso

Bakso Ayam with those one of a kind crispy thing

Lime Jelly Drink

Everything is made from scratch.. even the noodles

The noodles were homemade therefore, free of boric acid.. they taste like pan mee

Amboi… banyaknya cili-cili

Beautiful view of colorful vegetables and fruits

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