Our weekend was really FUN! We went to Tropicana Mall, had breakfast at Subway, went for the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ movie and, we went and ‘TA-GEI’ at the arcade center.

Looks like Joe found his long lost TWIN

This was a weird game.. but it was funny.. this games uses infrared to communicate with the touch screen panel.

Oh dear.. Hubby caught me fishing for sweets for the kids

And I caught him as well WAHAHA which in the end he got giddy from rocking left and right

Virtual bowling

Old school game for the young.. this father and son battled all the way

Kids favourite

First time I see water sprouting game in indoor arcade.. HMM where have I been lately?

Virtual ball shooting.. so cute

Food for LOVE, Food from the PAST @ Hakka Marble Restaurant

Hakka Pork Soup

Hakka Abacus

Loh Mee
(with or w/o vinegar, your choice)

I don’t know what this dish is called… maybe flat noodles?

They all are YUMMY! I can’t wait to go back there to enjoy these traditional dishes.

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