Foodful 2010 Chinese New Year

New Year come.. New Year go… How do we prosper from CNY? We eat! Yup we had a week holiday and all we did was eat and laze around and probably eat and eat and eat. We see food, we put them into our mouths, we see mandarin oranges, we stuffed them into our mouth, and when there is keropok, nothing stops you from finishing the whole container. Then when it comes to liquid, there’s never enough; the packet drinks, Shandy, soft drinks, beer, etc. So, how did I prosper from my 2010 CNY? I’ve picture summarized it below:

Reunion Dinner @ In-Law’s Place

2 missus with empty plates

This year, the Reunion Dinner was very simple. There wasn’t much card playing too. But, smoke detectors were definitely beeping.

Mommy’s Home Deco

Dining Area

Living Area


The Porch

First Day

Hubby parading his RMs’


Javier with his MARIO theme

Judith donned a similar check shirt like ME

Joe the grumpy one

On the first day of CNY, we decided to try the malls for activities. So, we put on our new clothes, new shoes, new monies and new spirit and brave the jam-free road.

Javier with his Cars Crocs

Judith opted for Mary Janes with diamantes’

Whereas, Joe had simple Crocs with Star Wars jibbitz

Ikano / The Curve / E@Curve

Align Center

We managed to catch our very first, ‘Lion Dancing Down the Travelator’

Oh yes.. we also kidnapped Nancy who was home bound. In this picture here, she was trying to get to FOS. This way UP!

We have sweet cravings too.. at New Zealand Ice-Cream and NO this wasn’t Nancy’s craving. She had Durian Flo. So did Hubby and Joe. Judith and Javier have Vanilla ice-cream, so… this cup of prosperity of Orange+Mang0 was mine.

We saw and heard many many Lion Dances

Second Day Luncheon @ Home

Spot the difference between the 2 fishes? Hehe the first one was for Hubby. My mom knows Hubby doesn’t like fish drenched in soy sauce…

Sambal Prawn & Sotong

Mushroom, Spinach, Abalone, Tim Chok, etc I’m lost for words

Pork & Fungus

Duck with Yam

Arrowroot cooked with carrots, leek and pork

Valentine’s Dinner with Hubby & Kids @ Amarin Thai, MidValley

Pineapple Fried Rice for the kids


Green Curry.. teeny-weeny spicy for kids

Steam Siakap

Special Mix Combo – the kids favorite

Fourth Day @ Pavilion

Purpose : Brunch @ Little Ben Cafe

Activities : Movie – Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief

Beefball Noodles

Sailor Mee (Pan Mee)


Nissin Noodles

They posed for one only because the guard came and chased us off… Haha

A change of ‘head-gears’.. for their amusement only but passers-by were staring at them even from a distance

Fifth Day @ Fukuya, Jalan Delima

Ms. Phoebe is demonstrating the art of ‘Yee-Sang’

It looks so good and believe ME.. believe Jake or you can ask my parents.. this plate of ‘Yee Sang’ was really really good.

Everybody let’s tower high the mixture… let’s hope this 2010 will bring abundance and prosperity in health and wealth. Wink-wink!

Dinner @ Crystal Jade, Pavilion with family and Kevin

Seventh Day, Saturday – Home to KL Tower

Little Victor came over on Saturday. My mom babysit him while his parents went to work. We even got to play with him a little before we left to in-laws place.

Judith loves babies, just like I do!

We went over to in-law’s place after breakfast and the kids spent their time making dominoes out of cards.. even the adults joined in the fun.

KL Tower

Still beautiful but not amazing anymore

Judith prepping up her courage

ME and Javier holding on tight even before taking the elevator UP

Javier proud of himself making all the way up to the 276m Floor and he said it was a boring UP

I was checking out hotel windows.. Haha! OMG I’m a perf!

Nancy is always being Nancy while Cc was definitely eye-picking which clubs to go to later

RM38 ticket per person (for adults-la) consists of:
a. The above….
b. Animal Zone as of below….

Javier thought this was a penguin.. Haha!

Nancy… said look from Pocahontas one!

c. Pony Ride (only if you’re below 50kgs)

Even Cecilia had a Pony Ride..

d. F1 Driving Simulator

Joe was only simulating.. his feet couldn’t even reach the pedals

Eighth Day @ Sunway Pyramid

Ferris Wheel

Definitely over-doing it.. the kids enjoyed the ride but I didn’t because our ferry was wobbly.


It’s classic to be on a Merry-Go-Round. Suitable for all ages. :p

Bumper Car

Whoa these 2 really went heads to heads instead of bumper to bumper

Fancy Treat

Choose the fruits… mix it with yogurt in the soft serve machine and you get Yummy Ice-Cream minus the calories!

Healthy Fruits GALORE!

15th Day and Last Day of CNY a.k.a. Chap Goh Meh @ Home


Whole Pork Knuckle with Mushrooms and chestnuts

So big the ‘Dong-Ku’

Sautéed Portobello Mushrooms

Prawn Mango Salad

Garlic Bread

Steamed Fresh Greens

Leg of Lamb

Finally, ‘Yee Sang’ that Uncle Yan bought from charity.

The NEW YEAR has passed, soon old ends and new begins. Time sure passes by fast these days. Birthdays after birthdays then celebrations after one another. But, one thing for sure is to be grateful in whatever you do. Be glad with what you have and don’t complain as there are others out there who are less fortunate than you.

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