Turning 25 With People I Love

I turned 25, two days ago. And I’ve got all the people I love and the people who loves me around me. And that really makes me happy.

Hubby got me a surprise on the 8th, the day before. He planted a Thomas Sabo Box in my day bag and when I got home from work to upload stuff into my bag, I saw this striking white box.

It’s a Charm Bracelet from Thomas Sabo!!!

Ain’t it a beauty? I’ve always wanted a charm bracelet to tell a story of my life but I’ve never really point it out. But, I guess the Husband heard me.

This charm is very special.. it represents me as a mother in different languages.

Whereas, this snowflake charm meant that I’ve experienced snow before.. haha just days ago only!


So.. how did my family celebrated my 25th Birthday? Hehe.. ok.. the Pops and Mops went for a holiday in Bali along with my sister and her other half days before my bday. So, right after we touched down on Thursday from our business trip to Frankfurt, and after a short bath of course, we headed off for my celebratory dinner at ‘CHUI MAO’ restaurant along Jalan Peel.


French Beans

Rempah Prawns and Sotong

Sweet & Sour Pork

Chinese Mushrooms, Golden Mushrooms, Button Mushrooms and Broccoli ooo and carrots

2 variations of The Fabulous Fish.. 2 profiles just like us humans.. we are good and bad but for this fish, both flavors are good.


After dinner, we went home and cut my Birthday Cake that mom made for me! It’s super filled with chocolate and a little bit of orange zest.

My Voluptuous High Tower Cake (roughly 10cm high)

I lighted the candles and I blew the candles

I really did used my all might to blow out my candles.. see how I clutched my fists tightly?

Yay… look! My dad can’t wait to have a slice of my chocolaty cake. He’s the Chocolate King at home.

I made my wish and I wish my wish gets granted and I cut my cake and I hope my cake satisfies everybody. Thanks Mom for the extreme-chocolaty cake.


So… on my Birthday, while Hubby was busy sending the kids to school and while he took leave to be the househusband at home; while my brother slept through the morning; and while my parents and sister were in Bali, I was busy prepping myself for work. I put on my Birthday Presents happily and I knew that it’s going to be a wonderful day filled with well wishers.

I had on my wrist my Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet….

And on my other wrist is a Fossil watch given by my sister

And lastly, my second eyes, ZioEyewear donated by my parents. HaHa!

Well, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everybody that made my Birthday a great one… for well-wishers with well-wishes… for your thoughts and thots plus those with typing skills specially those on FB.

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