Hub’s 27th Birthday

Hubby turned 27 last Friday. We didn’t have a big party nor a family dinner due to his family’s busy schedule. First, dinner on Saturday was on the agenda but then, one was tied up so, Sunday Lunch came to mind but again it got canceled because he or she had plans at the last minute. I guess everyone has their own modes of plan nowadays but a postpone date might come up later. We’ll never know till the last minute :p.

Well, never mind bout that. Today, mom cooked some stuff up to celebrate Hub’s birthday at home. It was simple and nice which equals to a hearty meal.

Roast Lamb… so juicy so yummy!

Spaghetti Sauce minus the spaghetti… Joe’s favorite

Mushroom, onions, potatoes and carrots garnished with dill

Bake/Roast pumpkin, Hub’s favorite!!!

Garlic bread… Judith’s and Javier’s favorite

Mango Avocado Prawn Salad

We’ve got a real big Sparkling Juice too courtesy of Sis!

To which Hub’s great strength proved to be too much for the glass bottle! It popped and the top came off with some parts of the bottle. Haha.. luckily it was save to drink. Don’t worry, sis used a sieve to double make sure there’s no other particles except liquid in the drink.

Strawberry Cheesecake courtesy of Sis friend, Miss Adeline.

Here we are singing the Birthday Song for Hub with Javier gyrating left to right.

May the Good Lord Bless Jake!

What are you wishing for, Hubby? Wish that your wife to be more SANE? Lol!

Mom is rationing!

Joe couldn’t wait for the cake anymore.. he’s helping himself to a slice

This strawberry cheesecake was quite delicious actually. It finished off our dinner nicely.

What a nice Birthday Dinner we had for Hubby today . He was very happy that my family, especially my MOM took the initiative to have a tiny celebration for him. He was thankful but lastly, he couldn’t have ask for any better than this. Love you Hubs. Happy 27th Birthday. And THANKS MOM!

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