Gurlz Nite Out Plus 1 Plus 2

Last week, my colleagues and I went for karaoke session at Neway, Cheras Plaza. We went there after work after changing into shorts and I actually did my makeup in the car. Surprisingly, makeup without mirror looks much better. LOL!

So, it was my 2nd trip to a karaoke joint. Sounds like a lie but it was really my 2nd. The first time I went was with Cecilia and Nancy when I went there to brush up on my, “The Moon Represents My Heart” for a performance on my in-laws’ 25th Wedding Anniversary in 2007.

Coincidentally, Miss San San’s birthday also falls in the month of January so why not kill two birds with one stone, right? Plus, birthday girl gets FOC buffet dinner, a cake plus, a bottle of sparkling juice.

So, here are some pictures taken by Elaine Choo and some are from my mobile. I would have taken more pictures but Judith and Tiffany were busy scrolling through pictures and videos to amuse themselves.

Elaine Choo, the official photographer of the night

KAMPAI! Erm.. jasmine tea for me for starters HAHA

A preview of what would happen if one drank too much

A preview of what would happen if you leave these 2 missus together

I cannot decide who is sexier.

Woops.. Ms Saw caught me not holding a microphone.. NOOOOO!

So… that’s ME and Anthony belting “What you got” by Colby O’ Donis feat. AKON..
YUP and I’m texting.. this shows that my brain does really work lefty and righty at the same time.

Then, I probably got too carried away singing Zombie with Ms San San

You know what I mean? Even Anthony thinks we’re silly!

But this is silly-er.. HAHA they sing, ‘sampai naik sofa’!

San San’s cute and early Birthday Cake

The POOF us…

The REAL us.. goofballs

The little girls munching the bday cake

Cheers to San San and cheers to all of us

Ms Saw’s daughter, Tiffany gushes as we debate who gets to sing next!

The music proves too much for the kids

Ms Poh removing Charmaine’s cardigan after she got encouraged by Alex To’s song titled, “TUO DIAO”

Please make sure you like men in short shorts before you watch this video. If you don’t, you might puke or something but you can watch the babes since the song says, ‘remove, remove’ as in remove your clothes.

And for the finale’ of the night, San San rendered Shun Zi’s, “Hui Jia”. Check out the live version of the original singer below.

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