Saturday @ 1 Utama

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We brought the kids to 1 Utama to watch the movie titled, “Tooth Fairy” starring Dwayne Johnson @ The Rock, Ashley Judd and Julie Andrews.

After the comedic movie, we were off to stroll along 1 Utama’s streets.

Walking into The Rainforest.. Javier adores bridges.

The Highstreet… welcomes Maneki Neko @ Lucky Cat

Lunch at Tokyo G

Joe’s ‘Spicy Hamburg Egg Rice’

Javier’s Tempura

Judith’s Beef Soba

The Lemon Garden Story

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On a bright sunny Sunday afternoon, a group of family went for 11 pax lunch buffet at the Lemon Garden Cafe in Shangri-La, KL. The occasion was to celebrate Dad’s 59th Birthday and Jake’s 27th Birthday.

This event starred….

Dad & Mom



Uncle Yan






And lastly, ME!

There were food, there were yapping, there were play and mostly there was family affair! The kids even enjoyed ice-cream along with ‘Jumping Balloon’ , clown plus face art.

Then.. it’s family picture time.. Hub brought the kids to the maze garden…

…..while the KWOKS’ took numerous pictures to the delight of Uncle Yan.

After the scrumptious lunch and after it’s been paid by ‘big brain’, we all headed off in our own ways. One car went back to Bangsar, one car went back home and the other stopped at Pavilion then proceed home safely.

But… little Javier’s fun didn’t end just there. He insists that his modified yellow balloon is his ‘KuKu-Bird’!