The Mission @ Penang

I call this The Penang Mission because we were really on a mission. Haha but there was some fun in it too. Ok this was last minute. Probably the most last minute luggage packing I’ve ever done. I was stressing over the luggage department. We brought Nancy to Batu Ferringhi, Penang for her ballroom dance competition. We left on Friday the 27th which was also Elaine’s Birthday which was also Hari Raya Haji. Nancy stayed at Bayview Hotel as she had booked months is advance whereas we had to settle at Holiday Inn because all the other hotels like Hard Rock Cafe, ParkRoyal were fully booked.

Poor lonely cloud

Hello… IPOH

Finally, we reached Penang

The kids going crazy over the hotel room

I had to wake up early the next day because I’m Nancy’s photographer. Admission is at RM50 per person so, the kids and hub remained in the hotel while I spent half a day at Bayview surrounded by giants draped in sparkly colorful textiles.


Nancy in her beautiful costume…

Yup… we need some help in this area… I do too :p

Getting ready.. GET GET getting ready


Nancy & her dancing partner

She’s having butterflies in her tummy

So… besides snapping pictures of Nancy, I took some pictures of other dancers too.. I adore some of their costumes and some… NOT!

And.. Nancy sashays away!

Someone is GLAD with their performance

2 awkward costumes…

Waltz with fur

Even worse.. waltz with fur-balls

While we waited for results, Nancy and I chilled.. hanging around till there’s nothing else to do no more. Results came later in the day. Nancy got 3rd place in Novice. What a great dancer she is. She only took 1½ months of ballroom lessons and I guess she’ll go far if she keeps it up.

Uncomfy shoes removed… YAY!

With fellow dancer friend who ate bananas all the way

Tired but never camera shy

Bad bad shoes gave Nancy super deep blisters

I did not do anything.. and btw, she isn’t crying.. she’s just fooling around but the feet does hurt.

Alas all the hard nights’ work and the lost weekends… ended in a day

Besides the dancing, the lights and the blisters, the kids had their share of fun too. They went for a swim… they walked at the beach.. they even had room service too!


Horse Riding

Guess who got a BUBU?


And guess who got a new haircut?


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