Martell VSOP

So sorry you guys for not updating my blog. Had a rough week. Had migraines for the past week and a half. But no worries, all is well between me and my head!

So… Cc was one of the finalist of the MARTELL VSOP Rising Personalities Awards 2009. She got nominated out of so many rising personalities out there. The final event was held in Studio 99, Bangsar 2 weeks ago. Hubby, ME and Nancy went along to support Cc after work. When we arrived, there were cameras flashing, celebs posing, girls gossiping and guys worshiping them especially those sexy ones.

Sad to say, I’m not one of them haha and I’ll never be because a place like Bangsar will never like me nor would I say I’m fond of. I prefer the cafe at the corner at the end of lot or probably the bookshop that I’m happy to browse through the whole day.

Nancy, ME and Cc

Nancy the ever so bubbly;
ME the ‘why so posh’ today (must be the haircut)’
and Cc the starlet, the party-goer :p

Cc and Nancy at our Table C

Our romantic table setting..
so tight we could shoulder each other and play footsie,
and yes I’m talking about you, Nancy

ME and Hubby

The beautiful Marion Caunter as our host@emcee

A Few of Martell’s Rising Personalities

Will Quah, currently ‘The Man’ on ntv7

Cecilia Yong @ Malaysia’s Sexy Dancer

Chin Yew, the visual artist

DJ GanjaGuru but known in Malaysia as DJ Guru-Guru spinning some head banging music

Douglas Lim who entertained us with his self-made parody titled, ‘YELLOW’.
I think you’ve made my Friday!

Chelsia Ng who really didn’t make a good impression sang Carrie Underwood’s ‘Before He Cheats’

The sexy DJ Nikki whom later spun some music

The jewellery designer – Sze Yoong

Sze Yong, DJ Nikki, Teresa Thian and Cc posing for photographers

Cecilia’s Performance with Billy

… all I can say is that her performance blew the crowd away.. the crowd at the front, the crowd at the back plus.. the crowd upstairs.. everyone got up to watch.. everyone screamed for excitement.. I guess she just shooked Studio 99.


Dato’ Lewre Lew, Founder & Design Director of Lewré International

Gillian Hung, President of the Malaysian Official Designers’

And of course the proud winner was Will Quah.. I’ve predicted.. you’ve predicted and even my father in law predicted.

Congrats William… you won a cash prize of RM20,000, an all expense paid trip to Cognac, France to visit the Martell facilities, and 10 bottles of Martell VSOP.

I don’t know if you’re seeing this but, Demsi says ‘HI!’

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