It Was A FoodFul Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas this year. This year, I celebrated Christmas with my family. My in-laws had plans of their own so… yippie for ME and yippie for Nancy who joined us!

Mom and Uncle Yan put up a real-life tree this year. Yup, it came with thorns but it’s all well taken cared by Uncle Richard. Our first living Christmas Tree.

We had Uncle Yan, the professional photographer over… he’s into food profiles too…

Before we dug into the glorious food that mom had cooked up, Father Andrew said the blessing of the food.

…btw it took only 20 seconds

Elaine, the salad mixer


The magnificient TURKEY

Rustic bread amongst the garlic toasts

Mix vegetables with mushrooms fungus

Vegetable Pie

Lasagne at the front while the back are carrot and celery sticks

Roasted Pumpkin

Leg of Lamb

Prawn + Fruit Salad

Momma’s famous Brownies for dessert

And so……… here comes the hungry wolves

Don’t know what’s tickling them funny but they sure look like they’re having fun scooping those food


Ed is happy with his loot

Hubby rationing amongst the kids

Garlic bread QUEEN!


(thanks for the Teddy and picture frame)

And while we dined, mom distributed PORT WINE to young and old

We’re all still kids when it comes to Christmas

Nancy & Javier

After the voluptuous meal, everyone settled down in front of the TV watching ‘Home Alone’

While Elaine sat there pondering, don’t know about what….
most probably thinking whether to bring the sundress or the bohemian one.. HMM

But, anyway after Sis had opened all her butterfly-themed presents, she left in a taxi to continue her Christmas celebrations. Sobs!
Sis said I made her cry before she left but she made me cry too.
Crying is in fact quite contagious. Oh well.. I’ll keep your wardrobe company while you’re gone!

After the much crowd have left, it was crack the presents time.. for the kids at least.. we got for the kids….

Even Uncle Yan was excited for the kids

LEGO Mania (390 pcs)

She got herself a cash register. Complete with microphone and tag reader. Beep! Beep! MONEY MONEY

Check out the mighty grin he’s got…

…. sums up the mighty grin! He got the GOD of WAR for PS3..
I know! ‘Lucky chap’

And they couldn’t wait to play it either

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