Happy Tang Yuen Day

Happy ‘Tang Yuen’ Day, guys. Did you feel the cool air today? It was quite a gloomy day hence, during the past, folks believe that it is the arrival of winter, ‘Dong Zhi’. Since granny isn’t in KL this time around, mom made ‘tang yuen’ for us to eat in the morning! We had the yummy balls before we went to work which was great for breakfast. Something different! ALAS!

‘Tang yuen’ comes in different sizes and colors but the most common ones are white + pink.
How do you normally have your ‘tang yuen’ eaten?

Does your ‘tang yuen’ comes with chopped peanuts and sugar?

At ‘The Kwok’s Residence’, we skinny dip our glutinous rice balls into the yummylicious peanut mixture. Hmmmmmm YUM! After that, we gulped the remaining ‘tong sui’ @ sugar water.

And… Hubby never goes to work without filling himself up with eggs. 3 soft boil eggs to be exact.

There you go.. a simple ‘Tang Yuen’ day for us. Chinese beliefs that today is also the day we grow a year older. Oooo….

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