Elaine’s THIR-TY-EARTH Birthday

A week ago was my sister’s birthday. There was a mini dinner celebration at home among family members but I failed to attend because hubby, the kids and I went on a mission. Never mind bout that. The mission blog post will come up soon.

So.. early morning at 7.15, something arrived!!!!!

A bouquet of flowers for Miss Elaine… from ‘Latuk K’ from somewhere that you need a plane to get to.

And you guys and gals, don’t panic… don’t be nervous… this was Birthday Girl’s reaction when the bouquet flew onto her bed.

…awww.. got teary eyes or not?
So… what does the card she’s holding says? SECRET!

She’s checking the quantity of lily.. haha

See? She’s happy with the flowers

So is Judith!

Even Javier wants a picture with the flowers..
What we got for her?

A tank top from Promod. The most expensive tank top I’ve ever bought in my 24 years of life.
She loves it because it has butterflies flying around a lady which probably is her!

And.. I made her a butterfly bookmark in just 3 days.

P/S: In case you don’t know, she’s a butterfly FANATIC!

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