Joe & Nancy’s Birthday

Joe’s Birthday falls on the 8th of November while Nancy’s Birthday falls on the 5th in the same month. Joe had a mini birthday party at Delifrance, Leisure Mall on his bday. A few of his friends came and they had a great time even though time was short.

He was dressed in a tuxedo and shipped to Leisure Mall at 10am. LOL!

My mom made the birthday cupcakes as a gift to him.. there were 40 mini cupcakes in total and each one has its very own sugar craft. Some were decorated with Ben10 edible sheet and some had icing on top. Inside? Almond sugee which is my favourite now.

Below is Joe with his multiple girlfriends… thorn among the roses: L to R: Kimberly, Tanushri and Keshmeta.

Back home… after the party, it’s open presents time. He got a set of badminton rackets, a Lego box-set, a portable microscopic tool, 3 stationery sets, an Origami book, a box-set of Making Magic, a make your own Rolling Ball Marble Machine, etc.

Then in the evening, we went for dinner with my inlaws to celebrate both Joe and Nancy’s birthday at Crystal Jade, The Gardens Mall. Food is always good here, no doubt. Only the service and utensils are a bit on the down side.

Nancy, the birthday girl savoring the moment

Presenting the glorious food…

Peking Duck…yummy seeing it makes me wanna have some now. Do you?

Spicy tofu with minced meat

Fish Slices

Spicy Eggplant

Sweet & Sour Pork ordered by Joe

Desserts for the sweet tooth… hmm desserts aren’t that yummylicious!

Nancy and me fooling around… POKE~ POKE~

Cecilia + Cam-whore = CHORE… haha

Huff & Puff section….

Nancy is checking if it’s lit!

I…. wish…. for…. 1)….. 2)….. .3)….. 4)…..

Oooo.. another family picture to keep!

We asked a restaurant patron to snap this picture for us.. he used my N95 handphone camera. Just after I heard the CLICK, I heard ‘JAPPED’… he dropped my phone! The cover came off, the battery flew out and though my phone is working fine, it looks as if it survived a hurricane.

-Poor phoney! I’m going so change your torn tux.. I’ll get you a new suit soon… Just hang on! Right now, some 3M tapes will do.. :p

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