From Shanghai With Love

About a month ago, sis and I flew to Shanghai for a business trip. We attended the 3 days Paperworld Exhibition. Our flight was in the wee hours and it took roughly 5 hours to touch down at the other side.


Our comfy room in City Hotel on Shan Xi Road

Magnificent view from our room
-this is The Heng Shan Moller Villa Hotel > price per night starts from CNY800

Next to the villa lies a beautiful garden.. which was closed for trimming

It was winter time while we were in Shanghai. Temperature was between 14°C-20°C. And it got down to only 9°C on the last day of exhibition. We had to battle the cold even when we’re inside the exhibition center.

It was gloomy everyday and it drizzled thoroughly. The roads were pretty congested and a lot of renovations were being done throughout the city for the upcoming Shanghai World Expo 2010 with the theme, “Better City, Better Life”.

But when it doesn’t pour, when the sky is clear.. NIGHT meets LIGHTS! It’s a city of LIGHTS~

Jing’an Temple; 静安寺

When there’s business, there’s bound to be pleasures… so let’s start with business… everyday for 3 days we went through a regime.

1. Wake up at 6.30am.
2. Go down for buffet breakfast.
3. Take bag, coat, jacket, gloves, boots, neck scarf and hat.
4. Walk over to pedestrian bridge to cross the big + road.
5. Walk for another 15mins to the train station.
6. Take train from West Nanjing Rd. 南京西路 (nán jīng xī lù) to Longyang Rd. 龙阳路 (lóng yáng lù). (20mins)
7. Take shuttle bus to the Shanghai New International Expo Center. (10-15mins)
8. AND we are there (9am) safely minus entering the center without pushing hard work. LOL!
9. WORK – EAT – PEE till 5pm
10. Go through number 7., 6., 5., and 4., but in the opposite direction, then we’re back at City Hotel.

Elaine is on the bridge we crossed everyday.. everyday we see greens.. perfect to start the day’s journey

This is where we battle the cold while waiting for the shuttle bus

Security CHECKED…

Barcode CHECKED…

Before assembling Writebest products.. it was hectic.. we 2 girls were putting on a show.. the MEN gladly watched us while we got to work!

TADA stands for Tidy And Definitely Amazing… haha

What I really meant was.. no copy-cats!

Our not-so-friendly neighbors…

… covering materials as in book covers.. all types!

…sharpeners ‘under the sea!

Meet Mr Baker, one of our suppliers

Now.. let’s meet pleasures! FOODZ

My not so yummy Caffe Latte.. too milky so ‘geli’

Walls ice-cream.. wahaha

My first time eating fried pork soup dumplings

Dinner with fellow exhibitors by the host at Radisson’s revolving restaurant, ‘Epicure on 45‘.. yup on the 45th floor of the hotel.

Sorry guys.. we were so into the food and to tell you frankly, this hotel rocks so does the food

We dined in a UIGHUR Restaurant..

We had signature bread (CNY18) for lunch! And the bag comes with a raincoat because it was drizzling!

We dined at a Hot Pot Restaurant.. really hot and spicy! PHEW~

Elaine has smokes!

We also slurped on ramen at ‘Ajisen Ramen’

On the last day after the exhibition, we decided to take some time off and have fun… we went to Pinnacle Peak in our hotel and got our free cocktails. This is the 2nd cocktail I’ve taken in 24 years.. LOL!

Bull Riding? I’m afraid NOT! I’m afraid my Implanon might come off!

We savored on the Vertical Pork Bone.. we sucked it all up with a straw.. SERIOUSLY!

‘How come there’s no juice?’


Cold eggplant for appetizer

I miss my BABIES!

We went for ‘Tea Tasting’..

The art of ‘Tea Making’

On the day we were leaving, the sun was shining and the sky was blue…

And we ‘tapau’ our favorite UIGHUR, lamb on stick for our journey to Shanghai Pudong International Airport for our flight HOME..


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