Hubby got some new gadgets for his gym at work. Something big and something small but something definitely from abroad.

Presenting the wonderful and dependable TRX® Suspension Training®

and they are out of the box!

my message for hubby…

.. and here’s what the other can do… seriously hubby can pull down the Takasima machine.. even I could tilt it.. so, I don’t recommend anyone to buy this brand unless you are strengh-less.

You can attach to a machine of your choice, a pole, the ceiling or.. connect the TRX® Suspension Training® with the TRX Door Anchor then TADA you can have your gym anywhere.

And now… drum roll pur-leese… P90X Chin-Up Bar from Beachbody

this is freaking good.. just latch it onto the door frame and TADA!

and here’s hub doing chin-ups while I did heads-up – HAHA

*the chair is there for a reason.. as I am too short to reach the bar, I had an assistant :p

my poor palms giving birth to baby blisters…

so.. therefore this ENDS the Gym-Tastic post.. exercise is really good.. some do it to release stress.. some do it to get lean and fit while I chose to do particularly for my migraines. I have very bad migraines few times a month and with exercise, the devil only visits me once in a month which is a +. My migraines are terrible… even pills on the shelves also can’t make the pain go away. I would feel so sick as if my head’s going to explode and it’s hard to get along with daily life. I’ll vomit and suffer a little bit then I’m all OKAY. Weird right? But it’s what I go through every migraine day. I think the less migraines I have, the more life I’m living.

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