Ed’s 22nd Birthday

My brother turned 22 last week with a homemade cake by MOM. Ed’s birthday was on the 3rd of October which was the same day as ‘Lantern Festival’. As you can already see, YES it’s the ‘apple’ icon on his cake. He’s the ‘apple’ of our eyes and he has eyes only on ‘apple’ products. He’s got the multi-functioning iPhone, iPod and a MacBook.

Now this is awkward… he’s just trying out his luck on the knife

Presenting Edmund, my brother who loves his daily life in pajamas…

After the singing, the cake cutting, the cake eating.. we were magnetized by the loud sounds of fireworks working out the quiet evening.

Every year, my neighborhood lights up with lanterns during the ‘Lantern Festival’. Since this year everyone was busy with their DOs’, we brought the kids out for a walk around the neighborhood and end up at Auntie Theresa and Chai Ko’s house.

They gave the kids each a lit and ladled paper ‘tanglung‘…

After saying thank you, we were off to walk the neighborhood again… it was a quiet ‘Lantern Festival’ this year but nevertheless it was a sugary sweet one!

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