Cc’s 22nd Birthday

It was funny when I first found out that my brother, Edmund and Jake’s sister, Cecilia are born days apart. Plus we were in the same primary school and how Jake and I crossed paths. While Edmund’s birth date is on the 3rd, Cc’s birth date falls on the 6th and funny how many more birthdays are coming soon.

Say ‘HELLO’ to B-day Girl @ Cecilia @ Cc

We celebrated Cc’s birthday at Kampachi, Equatorial Hotel. Her cousins joined us for dinner too therefore, we had a room booked. We combed the menu, ordered this and a bit of that, dined and savored, gossiped and fooled around and finally got to the cake cutting ceremony.

I swapped my tenderloin teppanyaki for Nancy’s Beef Katsudon because her bowl of katsu was topped with egg strips… psst~ she’s allergic to eggs
She’s like WHAT-EVA! Haha kidding only.

You’ll never guessed who fooled around the most!!!

B-day Girl Bento Set

Here comes the cake!!!

Stop being C-U-T-E

ERM……………………… See? I don’t know what’s wrong with 22 year old people but they love knives.. check out my brother who was caught playing with a knife too in my previous post, Ed’s Birthday.

The Cc behind closed doors.. wahaha :p be-careful Datuk K

Cc is playing nice

Always a daddy’s girl

We couldn’t finish Cc’s cake so she decided to share them with the employees of Kampachi; better than going to waste right?

After filling our stomachs with raw and cooked food, we were off to snap some corny pictures!

Cc with Ti-Ti Ee… wahaha

Mei-Mei and Nancy

The talling Ee siblings

The ‘puffy’ Yong siblings

Hubby and ME

Looks like I really caught his attention!

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