Weekend Break

Last week, we took a break from work, school, chores and everything. We as in FIL, MIL, Cecilia, Nancy, Jake, ME and the kids too.

We left on Friday morning to Awana Kijal, Kemaman for a 3 days 2 nights stay. It took us about 4 and a half hours to reach the hotel. We all took turns to sleep in the car except for Cc who seemed to have slept throughout the journey.

Jake, ME and the kids have been to Awana Kijal a couple times before. We love this hotel a lot as the staff are friendly and there’s plenty of food here. The beach here is clean, the seawater is crystal and the rooms are squeaky clean. So, here were are again and I bet we’ll be back here again soon.

You know what I mean now? Sleeping Super Big Baby!

For the few days we were there, we had an assistant, kinda like a tour guide. My uncle, whom I normally address as Uncle Keong or better known as Steven to the staff of Awana Kijal, is a swimming instructor in Awana Kijal. When he’s done with his lessons, he brought us out to find yummy licking food.

Uncle Keong, which I enjoyed spending my childhood holidays with him and his family
(I used to babysit his kids – no wonder I’m a hands-on mom now)

Well, in Awana there are actually a lot of activities to be done.. it’s only us that’s being fussy. We came here to relax so explain the few variety pictures that I’ve taken.

We fooled around the lobby… pretending to be this and that..

We took bike rides around at RM10 an hour.. Jake was the chauffeur

We took car rides too with the top open… especially at night time.. the air is so clean you can practically swim in it..

These 2 ladies can’t seem to get rid of their screaming motto, ‘I AM FREE’!

We went for car rides during the day too mostly to have lunch and do some grocery shopping like water, biscuits, snacks, etc..

This is the famous ‘stuffed crab’ which you can find in Kemaman town. The restaurant we patronize was ‘Tong Juan’

Then, there’s the ‘Crab in Salted Egg’ which we broke our fingernails to get to the meaty part.. Find these crabby at ‘Sri Mahkota’ at Kuantan town right opposite Citiview Hotel.

One thing the kids never fail to miss is definitely the pool.. where we got tanned and burned. The kids love the pool here as it is child friendly and not as deep as other child pools. Even I’m not so concern of kids drowning. The only downfall is that, we have to walk like forever to get into and out of the pool area because the hotel authorities barricaded the area around to prevent outsiders from using the hotel facilities. So, add about 10-15 minutes to your schedule.

Nancy over-covered

Now, she’s exposed doing the HULA.. How many times must I you that, ‘WE ARE NOT IN HAWAII’!

Cecilia as usual advertising whatever it is that’s on her hand..

MIL showing Javier her ‘Power Palm Splash’

Who goes to a resort and never lay foot on its beach?
I, as usual can’t snap a perfect picture of myself.. thought this would just do fine.. :)

Hub contemplating whether does the hotel gym have the latest equipment or not

Burn Baby Burn, Sunburn Intensify

Nancy just lurves the baby hermit crabs

Judith had enough for the day.. she’s resting for now..

I stayed out of this.. I was only the spectator, I swear.. I did not took part in any of this.

Human Sand Art, DONE with 36C boobs as well.. creatively hand molded by Nancy :p

It seems like a scene from Titanic minus the ‘Heart of The Ocean’

BEHOLD! The revenge of the Sand Man

Open bath.. anyone interested to join in?

The night before we left, we also went for a boat ride to watch fireflies. Uncle Keong also came along because FIL asked him to follow us out to dinner before venturing here. It was a dark and gloomy road.. Wooooo… Before we got on the boat, we had to put on safety jackets.. DUH~

After the boat was prepped, we went down into the boat one by one, from adult to kids, ladies first of course. So, Cc and ME went down first and sat there waiting for others. Ew.. SCARY! Crocodiles were floating in our minds plus unnecessary thoughts which the guide made us gagged not to talk absolutely about other stuff other than FIREFLIES.

So, fireflies be it. We asked so many questions and we received answers fruitfully. Questions after questions which was actually quite fun. HAHA. It made us forget about the other bad thoughts.

Cc kinda looked like she’s got possessed.. Oh-My-Gawk

Javier is seeing flashing lights too which was from my camera.. aaahhh

ME and Cc stealing some shots for our blogs..

Well, that is that. I tried to find more pictures but couldn’t. I must have had a real good time there. Enjoying every minute of it. Wish the holiday was longer complete with spa packages but this was still fun minus the pampering sessions.

But for more photos, you can check out the shots uploaded by Cecilia and Nancy in their Facebook Album titled “Family Holiday”. I have a few awkward pictures there.. OMG, even shades couldn’t hide my sneers.

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