I’ve WON some things… hehe! I joined YOUTHSAYS, ‘The Ugly Truth’ Contest awhile ago and must have forgotten about it. Then, I got a call from a girl whom I couldn’t really hear what she was trying to say but I heard clearly the words, ‘WON’-’UGLY TRUTH’-KELANA SQUARE’. Lol.. it was so soft like a whisper. I took down the address; I think part of the address only. But thank goodness, Joanne twitted me that I won something at YOUTHSAYS.

So.. what did I do to win this particular contest? I gave my opinion on an ugly truth about the opposite gender.

See my name? WAHAHA!!!

I wrote:

“The ugly truth about guys is that they can’t really multitask while driving… try watching a guy drive and when his phone starts ringing, he scrambles for it or just passes his phone to the person next to him!!!

True or not I’m not sure.. that’s my opinion only :p

I didn’t know what I won until I went and check it out…

YIPPIE! A pair of tees for HIM & HER! Ooo a ‘boxer shorts’ for a lazy day, a ‘hug pillow’ which I bet will go to Javier and ‘a heart-shaped box of mints’ probably goes to Joe minus the box. Judith will definitely want the box to keep her treasures.

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