Second SUBWAY Saturday

We had Subway for breakfast 2 weeks in a row. The first week, we brought the kids to the one at Ikano. At first they were hesitated to try the sandwiches but after the first bite, they got a hang to it. They even ate sandwiches with lettuce in them. WOW-WEE!

For the second week, we decided to skip the mall and headed to the Subway situated opposite Stamford College, PJ along Jalan Barat. This time, we ordered 5 ‘Breakfast Subways’; each and every person and each every kid had one.

Jake and Joe had ‘Turkey and Egg’ each, Javier and I had ‘Tuna and Egg’ each; while Judith chewed on ‘Western Egg’. Each Breakfast Subway cost RM6.90 inclusive a choice of coffee, ‘teh tarik’ or Milo. So, breakfast cost about RM34.50 that is cheaper than the normal Old Town Kopitiam that we normally patronize on weekends.

We just love our healthy sandwiches!!!

Our aromatic White Coffee while the kids sipped on cups of Milo and ‘teh tarik’

Our kids just love Subway’s sandwiches

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