Hub’s X-Trail got a flat tire this morning. The newspaper delivery man noticed the flat tire before anyone else did. Luckily Hubby can tag sis’s car to work.

During noon time, the mechanic came and check on the car and changed the tire to the spare one so that he can drive it back to the shop to replace/remove the nail. It was drizzling the whole time but it was the heavy drizzle not the light kind so, I as a good Samaritan shelter him with an umbrella from the rain. Poor him all wet and dirty.

Flat tire.. super flat! Maybe I was too heavy!

The Mechanic was so shy…. aiks

It looks weird like that.. curvy tire

Gone is the spare tire… when was the last time we opened this, dear?

The mechanic left with Hub’s car… I gave him my number so that he wouldn’t have to call here and there to get to me. Maybe he got it the wrong way. He told me after he brought the car back, “If there’s anything you can call my number. Even in the middle of the night also no problem!” Lol!

I just flexed my eyebrows giggling and said “OK!”

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