Our Very Own Merdeka Eve

On Saturday, we had our very own Merdeka Eve Celebration. No, we didn’t wait till the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 COUNTDOWN. We had dinner at home, quite a number of workers from FIL’s workplace came over to makan-makan as well. We grouped ourselves automatically. There were the kids’ group, the modernize young adults and the soulful Indonesians plus FIL who was wandering around aimlessly….

After dinner, we went off to different directions..

Kids’ Group

Kids were busying themselves upstairs playing their very own imagination games complete with 2 bowls of junk food and several cups of carbonated drinks courtesy of YéYé.

Young Adults

We, the modernize ones were busy watching comedian superstar Russell Peters. We laughed our hearts out. The folks watched us laugh because they don’t get the jokes like we did. We 4, hub, ME, Cc and Nancy were pretty much addicted. As you know and if you didn’t know, Russell is one of best comedians I’ve seen and heard so far. Though he covers mostly on racism matters, nevertheless what he puts together are purely facts and is as true as me and you.

The Soulful Indonesians

Why soulful? They were singing, strumming, drinking, smoking, etc…. they were blasting their music and we did too with our remotes and hysterical laughter. They were banned inside the house because, there is absolutely no smoking inside when the kids are around. PERIOD!

After we ran out of battery, the energy bar deteriorates so we chill till about 10pm then ME, hub, the kids, Cc, Nancy and FIL left the house to the mamak stall behind for food and drinks pampering.

Hub and ME

Judith with wooden antlers

Hub can’t get enough of X-Men

Cc’s growing love for junk food… perhaps not with that look of ‘Guilty Pleasures’

The Poker Table.. FIL with his 2 faithful bodyguards waiting for their pay only IF he wins.

What a night! We got back at 11.45pm.. put the kids to bed after a shower which was already 12.15 by then.. we watched some shows and end up sleeping at about 1.30am. PHEW!!!

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