Mummy’s Almond Sugee Cakes

SUGEE CAKE is a distinctly Eurasian dish in Malaysia and Singapore. It is also known as the ‘typical Eurasian wedding cake’. Sugee/soogee/suji/sooji is in fact semolina which is made from durum wheat (psst~ what Italian pasta is made of).

Mom have been baking almond sugee cakes for past couple of weeks as she is mastering the art of baking a perfect one including rolling and decorating the cake top with fondant and gum paste. SUGAR!

Blue Cake with white piping… Mom made this for a friend from church. This was her first almond sugee cake attempt.

This was the latest one she made.. just yesterday for a 50 year old birthday boy, NATHAN. The shape is of a Top Hat.

All of mom’s cakes were very delicious. Got most of the verdict from well-eaters. I, too couldn’t take my fingers off her almond sugee cake. One slice is never enough.. CALORIES counting!!!

Stay tune for more colorful cakes to come!!!

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