Mari Berbuka Puasa

Oooo.. Hub and I have been craving for ‘buka puasa’ food since the Ramadan started. Since Cecilia and Nancy haven’t got the pleasure of going to one and trying the varieties of food, we asked them along. We even asked Jacklyn to follow us because she talks food too. We went to the one next to BTR Velodrome. Only a few stalls were open either because it was a Sunday or this place isn’t happening anymore.. fret not because as we were leaving, we saw another ‘medan buka puasa’ which was situated at the side of Stadium Bola Sepak BTR. We saw smoke bellowing in fact smoky lane.. ah that should be like it.. we’ll head there next!!!

Cecilia got her hands on everything she saw… a bit of these and a bit of those.. oh my like a scene of a girl in a candy store!

Nancy is lost in between tents..

These ladies were checking on the popular ‘Ayam Dara’

We almost got choked by the aroma of all these bags while driving home..
Our goodies were : murtabak, roti john, ayam dara, pucuk ubi, kuih kodok, ikan pari, caramel pudding, ikan pari bakar, popiah goreng, kuih-muih, air tebu, pulut, etc..
(couldn’t get ‘putu piring’ and ‘ayam golek’)t

What ‘buka puasa’ can do to a little kid

Cc and Nancy all sooo happy with their purchases.. Embak can’t wait to eat either!!! She helped us unwrap the food and bin the bags…

Caramel pudding for dessert.. but it wasn’t extremely yummy.. not smooth enough

See? This ‘Ayam Dara’ is one delicious piece of meat

Sugar Cane!!! Ultimate drink for ‘buka puasa’. Quench me through.. I peed so often the next day that I’m afraid of sugar canes now.

Dig dig dig

Here we are…
‘Happy Berbuka Puasa’ you guys!

After a hearty meal, Hubby brought Russell Peters over for some pick-me-up. Not that we need any but it was a FINE day so why not?

Cc couldn’t hide her love towards Russell as you can see here… tears of JOY!

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