InLaw’s New House

Yesterday we went to see my in-law’s new house at Suria Residen, Cheras. FIL bought the Urbana 2½ Storey Semi-D Link Bungalow and finally it’s going to get a renovation. Yippie for Cecilia and Nancy who were looking very eager towards moving into their new sanctuary. FIL brought the contractor/designer/planner for the house and there were some bickering on what goes here and there and who wears the pants but hands down, you know the decision went to whom. LOL! Both of my SILS’ made sure their rooms can only inhabit them.. no one else or other creatures except ME of course.. hehe kidding only!

I particularly love the long porch…

The kids seem to enjoy the extra space too

MIL planned to reside Embak here (6×7).. and that’s where the bickering started! It was certainly too small to fit a human in there.. I would go crazy like my neighbor’s Belgian Shepherd!

This is the actual helper’s room (10×9).. windows for light.. very very important

After viewing the house and the renovation plans.. we went and check out the facilities they have here.. I shall take more pictures in the future…

Kids were excited when they found this huge colorful moth ‘half-dead’

I was very excited too when I found 2 pretty “Ah-Moi’s”

We went and took a look at the show house and it was love at first sight when I entered this room…

It’s PERFECT! My dream bedroom with the open bathroom.

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