Imported Goodies 4 All

Sis got back from Perth already! She touched down at 6 in the morning and miraculously appeared at her office desk at around 9am. She didn’t even unpacked her luggage and zoomed to work. She must be in need of some cash after the miles of spending.

She went to the ’2009 Smoke Free Perth Royal Show’ and brought back some goodies for the kids courtesy of Kevin. She bought some stuff for the old folks, the young folks and the not so young folks plus some tidbits for her fellow colleagues.

Lets see what’s for who and who has what!!!

Judith requested for a ‘HighSchool Musical’ show bag and she got it!!! Inside lies HSM notebooks, HSM photo album, HSM arm band and a HSM mini basketball.
Joe is happy with his ‘Optimus Prime’ show bag…
And Javier is head over Crocs with his ‘Bumblebee’ show bag!
Both of the boys’ show bags each have a Transformers Book, a reversible beanie, notepads, stationery and a watch cum mini projector.
There were definitely sweets and chocolates for the kids courtesy of Aunty Angeline…
Mom and Dad both share a bag of Morish variety nuts… wahaha we told Dad that he looked like he came from the ‘aboriginal’ village to collect relief aids which he also agreed with laughing stocks!
Ed didn’t get much this time as he normally feeds on our goodies.. here he’s seen with a packet of limited edition RIBENA pack…
While Hub got a show bag full of dark chocolates from “Whittaker’s“… see the other stuff there? It’s ALL MINE!!! :p I’ve got a Roxy shawl, a black tote, a mini purse which I’m using now as my work lunchbag, a pair of white jeans which I can’t fit and also “Benefit’s Smokin’ Eyes“… woo-hoo
My grams (grandpa+grandma) both got a triangle-shape shark-fin which is REAL and also a tin of abalone which they’ll bring back to KT to savour.
Mom had extra goodies too just like ME.. here are a few baking needs that is hard to find here..
And on that very same day, I also found out that my sister not only have 2 LeSportsac bags with butterfly prints but actually 5 of which in different sizes… goodness gracious!!!

Top left: cosmetic bag
Top middle: medicine bag
Top right: iPod bag
Bottom left: sanitary bag
Bottom right: carry bag
Saddest thing is that, I don’t even have one LeSportsac… arrghh!!!

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