Grandpa’s 73rd Birthday

Last Saturday, we celebrated my grandfather’s 73rd birthday at Uncle Yan’s house in Bangsar. It’s so near BV.. OMG!!! If I reside there, BV will definitely be full of my shoe-prints. Mom made the birthday cake+cupcakes and she also cooked a few dishes, granny cooked, Josephine cooked and I made Konnyaku jellies.

Mom made the cupcakes days earlier and the fondant/gum paste the day before. I helped her out on bits and chunks. We were very satisfied with the cupcakes. They look too cute to munch on..

Uncle Yan is a professional photographer so most of the clearer pictures were taken by him with his big butt Canon and ultra bright lights. I stole his space and lights which made my pictures pretty clear too using my N95 (used to belong to Hub).

And here is Uncle Yan and Josephine’s girl-girl, “PIPI”

Pipi is aging gorgeously.

Photogenic some more…

FOODZ by My Mommy

Marmite Meat.. I put it as Meat but it actually starts with “P”

Curry Chicken without Coconut Milk which you’ll never get ‘jelak‘ for more

Sambal Prawns with Pineapple

FOODZ by Granny

Lamb Chop

Mushroom with Vegetarian Chicken

Stir-fry Cabbage with carrots and dried bean curd strips

FOODZ by Josephine

Freshly fried Spring Roll.. this is the best spring roll I’ve eaten..

There’s one more dish that Josephine created but I didn’t snap a picture of it. The dish was the ‘Delicious Sweet Spare Ribs’


I know it’s a little blur… below is the pro-snapped

and… the cake zoomed in…

The Proud Mama to the Birthday Cake

The assistant cum sweet tooth

Let’s get to the Cake Blowing part.

Grandpa and Granny but I call them ‘GRAMS’ together for short

Whoa Granny can’t wait to blow the candles!

“Po, your ‘ngau-yat’ is in December!”

Make a Wish but seems like Granny wants to ‘main tepuk-tepuk tangan’!

and.. the BBK.. Big Birthday Kiss

People who Ate, Drank and be Merry!

So not ready for a shot yet

That’s more like it hehe!

Dad craved for some loving as well


Elaine with her butterflies again..




Javier hooked onto Ed’s iPhone

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