Sorry that I haven’t been updating my blog upfront. I’ve started work you see. At first it was all a blur to me but now, I’m getting a hang of it.

I was even afraid to make calls and I guess I need communication therapy. but fret not, I’m all semi-pro now. I’m learning the trade as some says.
Right now I’m filling my sister’s chair temporarily doing some export stuff till she gets back from her ‘holiday’. And when she’s back, I’m back at the other side of the room doing other stuff like picking calls, getting orders and perhaps ‘gayut’ a little as I see that’s what the others do during semi-precious times.

At my proposed table, there’s no surfing thingy. Although, I get to chat on MSN, it won’t make me much happier. I won’t be able to check my mail or find ‘kids stuff’ online like worksheets and coloring pages for my 3 little monkees which I did at my sis table (only when I’m certain that I am completely mobile, in the middle of lunch or maybe half an hour before I beep my card @6.30pm?). But.. there’s always my laptop, right? Hmm….

Oh well, feels weird here when I’m doing nothing. At home, there’s always something to do for eg. fold the mountain of clothes, feed the terrapins, fill in contest forms, soak the milk bottles, update the blog, munch on chocolates, jump from couch to couch, etc.

While at work on a fuss-free day, you look at the screen, walk to the loo, peep at others (eavesdrop to be more precise), write silly notes and just waiting to go home.

Since work has started, all my daily dos’ and leisure stuff came to a halt.


These days, well the days before I started work, I bought my books online through ‘‘. There are brand new ones(as low as RM24) and secondhand books (as low as RM8) available and believe me they are readable. So, if you are looking for good reads and don’t have the time to browse through the bookstores, do check out Jules Online Bookstore‘. She’s very prompt in reply and you can certainly save a bunch!


I’m stuck at this now… finished work should look roughly like below.. colors maybe differ and as you can see, I’ve added more kids to it and the numbers on the shirts are of their birth-dates. A few people have asked me, ‘Where are YOU?’. Well, I’m the one snapping the picture aren’t I?

~My Kids~

I have already missed my kids.. whenever I’m hands-free, I think of them. I always wonder what are they doing at home.. do they behave well when I’m not around.. have they bathed? Going to miss verbal bargain moments and the sound of whining.

~My Weekly Fish Noodles~

The bowl of fresh fish noodles cost RM5 and sometimes may cost up to RM8 depending on what fish is cooking!!! This is one of the best fish noodles I’ve eaten as the broth is clear and clearly something fishy is going on. Haha! The longest that mom and I had waited for our precious bowls of noodles were about 45 minutes. But, it’s good and healthy so patience plays second. Find ‘fishy noodles’ at Taman Megah @ Cheras or to be more precise of the location, drop me a message!!!

~My Food Buddies~

Mom, who I have breakfast every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Plus our Friday dates to the ‘Tau Foo Fah’ stall at Suntex, gonna miss those little dates.

Granny, who will chew on whatever bone that’s left on my plate

Uncle Yan who treats us to breakfast every Wednesday.. and that’s his favorite noodles, ‘curry fish head noodles’

~Lily and Tornado~

I miss feeding Lily (the one having the spa treatment) and Tornado (the one that hides and goes to a spin every time we go near)

But everything in life you do, there’s the negative and the positive sides.. what do I get from upgrading from a homemaker to a ‘soon-to-be workaholic’? Hmm… I get to go to the:
… office GYM with Hubby after work.. no more room workouts for me with limited space!

I have greenery views (vegetable plantation) and a quite serene one that is when the phone stops ringing!!!

I have more ‘kopitiam’ moments with Hubby too

I get more money to spend on myself.. perhaps I get to buy that embroidery top that I’ve set my eyes on 2 months ago which I think would have gone to the 70% section or get more trendy glasses to match my days!

I’ll have funny office moments like this below…..

And finally, I get to make more friends than having just sisters!!!

I’m sure there will be plenty of good moments coming soon.. just gotta get the job done and stay out of BOSS’S view. HAHA!


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  • Hi babe,

    Wanna ask What is the exact location for fishy noodle at taman megah cheras? What is the kopitiam name? Looks delicious, I wanna try it out.


    Cheers, Janice

  • Hi Janice,

    I actually don’t know the name of the shop but it’s a corner lot. Once you turned into Tmn Megah and the see shoplot…the lot is same row as Cosway.


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