Another Day in Life

Sorry guys, haven’t been active lately. I was going through some tough stages. I didn’t catch the A-Flu so, don’t worry. Haha!

I think I was exhausted, tired and stress out. Too much of entry point into the precious mind. At first, I thought I was having depression but after some googling and evaluations, I think it’s only stress that left me with negative thoughts.

You might ask me… is there something wrong with the marriage? NO, everything is fine. Kids are fine. Health is fine. LOL! It’s only stress. Everyone encounter stress. It’s to find the place to let out that’s hard to figure.

Well, after some crying sessions and some rubbing at the back from hubby, I felt much better but whenever I’m down, I listen to Miley Cyrus’s, “The Climb” which will pretty fire me up and lift my mood. This time, it was pretty bad but life is a climb and of course we always want what we desire but nothing comes easy.

And then, there is also the ‘Serenity Prayer’ that does calms me and gives me hope on a very bad day or situation that I’m having.

It’s just another day in life that must go on.. when you’re down, tell yourself that there are other people who are much more less fortunate than you are.. they might not have a home, might not have food to feed their kids, might not have school to go to or might not even have a heart to live.

Today I’m feeling a little better because of those beside me who always put a smile on my face even though they themselves don’t know it. So, I wanna thank you!

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