Not Near But Dear In Our Hearts

UPDATED 9/07/2009

Last night, Jake’s paternal grandmother passed away at 8.40pm after battling with diabetes and a few other complications. She was rushed to UM by the nursing home caretakers yesterday morning after complaining of difficulty in breathing. She was placed in the emergency unit throughout the day where no visitors were allowed. So sad that we last saw her on Sunday on the 5th of July. She was still in a bubbly and cheery mood when we saw her. She even told Jake that she’s very happy that we all came to see her and that she needs her rest, therefore asked us to go home.

There will be more updates later as the funeral will take place in a few days time. We’ll be going to Nirvana Memorial Centrein the afternoon to pay our respects so, come back to this space for more information.

The Wake – Day 1

The praying altar

Nancy so busy with the names of everybody but she’s still bubbly

Looks like the bickering is about to start! NOT!

MIL showing Joe hold to fold paper money

Even Javier wanna help out!!!

Jake and Judith trying to keep things jolly

The ‘borak-borak’ group headed by ‘Fei-Po’
(didn’t know front-stabbing exist till yesterday)

About 6pm, we had to changed into proper praying clothes (white tee, black track-pants and white sash) that was provided by the Nirvana management. Couldn’t exactly say they provide when it’s all in the package, is it? Hmm…


Me a little groggy

My parents and my sister came too

Hubby chatting with his Aunt and Uncle

Vegetarian Delights for all

Hubby taming the wild

That’s Joe when the clock strikes 10.20pm
(battery needs recharging)

Judith still awake and in the mood of going home

We spent almost the whole day at Nirvana Memorial Centreyesterday. The kids were behaving thank goodness. I didn’t take much pictures but a few of the important ones. Most of the relatives came; some came later and some will arrive later today. Popo has a total of 11 children; 9 boys and 2 girls, approximately 24 grandchildren and about 10 great-grandchildren. Hopefully Jake and I didn’t lose count. Haha! If there should be any changes, hehe I’ll do it later.This morning, we woke up with sour limbs. Must be the super cold weather inside, the lots of walking, standing and mingling around. Towards the evening, more and more people came to pay their respects. Most of them are from work; customers, suppliers, colleagues, etc. There were lots of socializing till 12am. We left early at about 11pm because the kids were showing signs of battery decrease.

We’ll be going a little later today around late afternoon so the kids won’t get tired like last night. Today will be the last day of the family prayers then tomorrow, the funeral will take place at Nirvana Memorial Centre from 8.30am followed by the burial service at the Nirvana Memorial Parkin Semenyih at 10am. 

The Wake – Day 2

We offered prayers on the second day too. This time, we were quite pro dealing with it. We know when to bow and when to kneel; where we were positioned based on our ranking. This is actually my first time following the Buddhist custom. Though I’m a Catholic, my mom always remind me that this is only a customary act to respect and honor the dead. It doesn’t transform my religion whatsoever. Anyway, after our last prayers, we were told to go down to the yard where there was a big oven. I don’t know what should I call it but it sure was darn huge. There were paper offerings, a paper model house, paper-dolls of a maid and a doormen, etc.
Popo’s shiny coffin

Our efforts of folding thousands of paper money for Popo in the afterlife ends here. We did it all for her.. an aunt said she could be a billionaire in the afterlife.. we wouldn’t know it.
The heat was so intense we were practically glowing 

Everything got burned to the ground..

Third Day @ Funeral at Nirvana Memorial Park,


Condolences from companies 

Mr musician who played awfully sad songs… and the emcee that gave such a sad and emotional speech that she made us sob… she made us cry! 

Family members rushing to pay their respects for the last time
(Javier asked why didn’t Potai changed clothes)

The last rites by Popo’s daughters before the last prayer for the nailing of the coffin 

Before we proceed with the procession, we were asked to put on white socks.. funny that Cecilia and Nancy both wore thongs; as in the footwear not the inner wear. So, their feet looked pretty funny.
The funeral procession where family members follow in status order.. from the boys’ side to the girls’ side and from the oldest to the youngest.
Friends of families joined in the procession as well, there were Muslims, there were Indians.. there were Christians.. Indonesians, etc.. this I’ll say it’s One Malaysia, One Dream where we respect different cultures.
Nancy on the right.. we are the ‘grandchildren clan
Leaving Sungai Besi Nirvana Memorial Centre
Red cloth tied to the windscreen indicates that this vehicle is accompanying the hearse 

There was a long trail of cars accompanying the hearse.. almost 30 cars I counted
Kids were scared to see the bikercop so close.. haha! Hubby said today is the one and only day that we might be able to omit the seat belts.. but we did put it on out of safety.
Follow the hearse; if cannot see the hearse, follow the bus; if cannot see the bus, follow the police; if cannot see the police, follow those with double signals
Wahaha we are the King of The Road
Poor Javier is lost 

Poor Joe is in a daze
Poor Judith thinking if we’re there yet
We finally arrived
The temple where prayers are offered
People call it the Golden Dragon but it’s very colorful. Inside is fully air-conditioned, and has over 6000 urns which I have yet to see. 

We dominated the place.. too many cars too little parking space

When we arrived, we headed to the temple area where vegetarian lunch was served. After a quick lunch, family members gathered and took a picture. I don’t know whether to smile for the camera or make up a solemn face, so in the end, I just stared into space.We drove to the burial site as it was quite a walk up. We were given umbrellas as the sun was really striking hot. At that time, I had excruciating gastric pain so I sat at the side of the grave. I didn’t get to see the coffin being lowered to the ground but I believed the kids saw.

After the prayers, family members and relatives had to throw a handful of earth into the grave before it is filled. When that had been done, we were told not to let the young ones clap their hands. We walked out of the burial site and took off the white socks and white sash to avoid bad luck associated with death.

Back at the temple, we offered one last ‘kowtow’, jumped over the fire, wash our hands in fragrant water, presented with a red packet which we must use, and lastly, changed into bright colored of flowery clothes to signify that the period of mourning ends then and there.

Hubby is seeing red too.. 

Cc and Billy rushed to Batu Pahat for their dance competition, though exhausted, life & dance must go on 

What a beautiful place….

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