My Visit to HP Centre

This was my second visit to the HP Centre in Bukit Damansara. I was here with Hubby about a week ago to send a faulty laptop for repair and today to collect it. Although they don’t offer door-to-door service like DELL, I wouldn’t say their service sux either. So, I’ve taken a few pictures of the service centre to show you guys.

I’m here already! I think the HP logo should be bigger cause it looked a little too teeny-weeny.

Hubby checking out the touch screen monitor while we wait for our number to be called.

That’s the TEST AREA where you test your lappies.. who knows maybe it doesn’t need to get admitted to the HosPital afterall. You ‘shiok sendiri’ only!
The WAITING AREA where the sun just lights your day and warms you up because it’s freaking freezing in here.

The WRAPPING AREA although what’s there to wrap except for your lappie. Don’t think some thin wrapping will do any justice for a lappie.

A SNACK STATION for loyal customers.. there’s coffee, tea, and sandwiches. Well, previous week was plain bagels.

This is where you get one-on-one chat with CUSTOMER SERVICE.. fill in forms, answer some questions and then sent home OR, hand-in the receipt, sign here and there, get your ‘out-of-coma’; coma-recovered lappie and go home.

But of course give it a test first and make sure it’s working well before you leave. You don’t want to come again.. urm.. unless you are here to get free food and enjoy the cold temperature. Overall, it was a nice place, quite comfy but bring your sweater. Customer service was friendly but nevertheless not as friendly and convenient as DELL’s.
So… if you wanna experience what I did, here’s the address:

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