Judith’s Sports Day

A day after the funeral, we had to picked ourselves up for Judith’s Sports Day which was held at UNITEN Putrajaya. We were so worried that the funeral was going to be held on the same day as her sports day but lucky her! We woke up at 6.30am as we had to reached there by 8am. The event only started at 9.30am thanks to the late-comers. We were kinda in a daze and still exhausted both physically and mentally from the previous day. My sis came along too to support Judith. Dad even brought mom’s video camera this time to record the moments!

Q-dees Sports Day are held annually and normally a few centres would participate together to cut on cost and as the saying goes.. ‘the more the merrier’. It’s great to share but it isn’t great when we have to wait for them and them then them. 5 centres competed this year and I hate to say it but I dislike the way the board of Q-dees managed it. Year after after where kids are supposed to have fun, they have to fight for the silly Number 1 title. Kids are so young, they should be having fun instead of having the pressure to win. I spoke to one of Judith’s teachers and she also agreed that it shouldn’t be an event of competition but somehow an experience and engaging in fun-time. Well, thank God this would be the last sports day I’ll attend unless they stick to fun rules. The way I look at it, the teachers; the adults are much more eager to win than the kids.

On the way……………….

The score board which I wished it to go MIA

The Jalur Gemilang

The March Pass
(Judith is the Jalur Gemilang flag bearer)

Oooo she saw us!

The rendering of ‘NegaraKu
(standing in front is principal, Pn. Lina)

Followed by Q-dees and FlipTech songs

Sri Raam was given the big job to recite the Q-dees‘ Sports Day oath
Javier who skipped Sports Day but attended the event with hubby

Joe tagged along too as long there’s drinks and food to accompany him

When the waiting has taken its toll

The POM-POM dance…

Judith is holding the hoop with the words “WE”

Teachers preparing the sports’ events

Evil woman… blocking our view. So inconsiderate we almost had a gurl fight

Javier fell asleep while waiting… the irony of waiting must have gotten him

Judith in action!!!!

After the sweat, we brought the kids to level up at Sushi King, Leisure Mall.

Judith cam-whoring with the mobile cam.. at least she does it better than ME!

we went home and slept till 6pm.. or at least only both hubby and I slept.. cuz the kids took the opportunity to sleep in the car during the journey home.

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