It’s My 8th Wedding Anniversary!!!

For Hubby,

It’s our 8th Wedding Anniversary today,
So fast it’s been 8 when some people think no way,
We’ve been stuck and unstuck like clay,
But we’ve been holding on, we are indeed OKAY.

Over the years there’s been laughter and tears,
Without them, our moments won’t be so clear
Without love, nothing will compare to what’s dear
Tolerance and honesty is important as it is to lend an ear.

Understanding is quite a long and big word,
Using it and placing it into our lives saves hurt.
Listening is always the hardest part,
No matter what, do what’s best from the heart.

I don’t need celebrating at a biggie diner,
It’s alright I’m up for a cuppa,
Even if it’s mamak, the choice is yet bolder,
Wherever it is, you’re there my hubba hubba.

Through this 8 years we’ve been through,
Ups and downs, argues isn’t an issue,
There’s more to learn more life to pursue
I need you, you need me to lean-to.

There’s so much to say so much to express,
When we say we have 3 kids, no one would have guessed,
Families and friends with support we are blessed,
Love is the greatest, one thing we possess.

With 3 little devilish kids at hand
What comes later is never planned
Our kids have never play the what’s on demand
Thou, they stay close just like a wristband

Hubby you’ve been a friend and always near
So, on this special day my dear
I wanna tell you, you’re being loved
By me, your wife, you I deserve.


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