Implanon Day!

Oh dear. I’ve been down with some viral infection and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) since last week but all well now. What’s left is the cold bug which makes my voice creepily sexy in a way.


Yesterday, I went and remove my old Implanon and reinsert a brand new one. Implanon, a contraceptive birth control, is a single-rod (like a cotton bud) that is inserted under the skin at the upper arm. It can last over a period of 3 years depending on each individual plus it’s reversible and it’s one of the most effective birth control available.

This is before the removal where it’s in normal mode..

You see what I see? Can you see the tiny rod there?

This is what the rod looks like inside-out! I think it looks like a lollipop stick. Think of me when you have your CHUPS ya!

Need not imagine.. I cropped it for you..

Looks scary and it is because you can touch and feel it.. it’s always there unlike pills and rubbers.. where sometimes you tend to rely and forget

So, I went to the gynae, thank goodness he cut the same scar so I don’t need anymore marks..

It’s pretty bruised but healing just fine.. no heavy lifts.. no rubbing… no pressure for a week!


Sayed, Jake’s ex-college mate who is from Maldives, whom studied in Brisbane, stopped by KL for a visit. We wanted to spice him with Thai Food but since we didn’t have enough time, we settled at Sushi King. Anyway, hub said it’s not the place, but it’s the comfy place to have a decent chat.

Hubby and Sayed, it’s been almost 4 years since we last saw Sayed..
Hub went bald and Sayed grew a goaty.. LOL!

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