Transformers Day

Sunday was Transformers Day for us. Joe had already scheduled his mind for this very special day. He marked this date weeks and maybe months ago better than he marked his exams. I even got my boys to wear their Transformers tee.
Anyway, Hubby got the tickets online so we don’t have to beat the queue. My sis, Elaine joined us on our T-Day. Hub got the seats 2-by-2. So, Joe sat with my sis; Hub looked after the girl while I got Javier stuck to me. Little one wasn’t feeling well but he insisted that he wanted to watch Transformers. So, be it.
We left home early to Pavilion because of the KL Marathon that was happening all over KL. We were afraid of road closures, traffic congestion and worse, human traffics at GSC. Haha!
Indeed there were minor jams. Lucky us! We arrived 2 hours earlier than our movie so we decided to lunch at Dragon-I.
Movie Time
Hmm I think the movie was great. A lot of people didn’t think it was up to par but different people have different reviews. Maybe some thought that several takes weren’t necessarily or maybe there’s too much emos going on between characters. A number of watchers love sticking to action scenes.
Dinner Time
My grandparents just arrived from KT so they all came over for dinner at Silk Road. Uncle Yan was also around to savour the tantalizing food. Silk Road serves Sichuan dishes so mostly are a little on the spicy side but nevertheless worth the try and money.

Feeling better after the movie

Dad and Mom

Uncle Yan is single and available today…

.. at least to Joe anyway who bugged him with tonnes of questions

Edmund getting drunk with tea

Judith, ‘The Little Mohican

Erm… ‘Jie‘ what are you trying to reach? Check out Uncle Yan’s facial expression. LOL!

ME very ‘the hungry’

Glorious Food
(smaller pics are from sis’ Facebook)
‘Eight Treasure Tea’ (RM5)
-which consists of tea leaves, red dates, almonds, walnuts, wolf berries, dried tangerine, longans and dried raisins + probably water to make it wholly

‘Sliced Pork on Bamboo Rack’ (RM15)
-pork belly, thinly sliced and rolled up doused in sweet and spicy sauce

‘Deep Fried Eggplant with Pork Floss’ (RM9)
-Hub called this for the kids.. Joe loved it and he didn’t know it was vege!!

‘Braised Eggplant with Pork Floss’ (RM20)
-this dish are for the adults. a little on the spicy side

‘Stir-fried Pork with Sweet and Sour Sauce’ (RM16)
-this dish actually goes with ‘man-tau’
‘Beancurd with Mushroom and Seafood’ (RM30)
-so good.. it’s everything in one

‘Pan-fried Cod with Sichuan Spicy Sauce’ (RM48.80)
-one of the signature dishes

‘Chilled Mango with Sago’ (RM10)

‘Chilled Lemongrass Jelly’ (RM9)
-which contains a bit of barley, pomegranate and bits of strawberries.

‘Sichuan Pancake with Ice Cream’ (RM9)
-which I eventually switched with Hubby’s Chilled Lemongrass Jelly

This was our 3rd time dining at Silk Road. We ordered some of the previous dishes that we loved and some new ones to try. Overall, it was a yummy experience. We’re sure to return to Silk Road again in the future.

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