To Help Or Not To Help

Have you read today’s newspaper? Check out the front page. It’s a bit mind bending when you read the article about H1N1 do’s and don’ts.
The 3rd advice is : ‘Get help from family members, relatives or friends to obtain daily necessities or food.’
While the 4th advice states : ‘Avoid contact with people who offer help.’
So… are we supposed to ask for help then deny for help at the same time? Hmm.. I’m lost. Does that mean one should get help from a neighbor to buy groceries and when they come over to deliver them, we cannot claim them? Haha! How am I going to get my groceries then? And.. also does this mean that if a medical practitioner came to my aid, I shouldn’t allow them to evaluate me? I’m not being sarcastic but maybe it should state clearly like;
Avoid contact with others as much as you can.’
Don’t you think so?

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