Aunt Monica’s Place Episode 3

We visited Aunt Monica again a week ago. As usual the kids were really excited. I don’t know they’re excited more about seeing Duchess or Aunt Monica. Anyway, we were supposed to reach by 10am but Dad was taking his own tortoise time fussing this and that. In the end, we were about an hour late.

Inside Aunt Monica’s house, there are a few different kind of animals.. they are:
Mighty Duchess
A very aged Star Tortoise and….
Gold Fishies
Aunt Monica with Duchess by her side

Drinks for all ages

Joe advertising his teeth
Javier was stucked like this the whole time.. he didn’t dare leave his corner as Duchess was craving for attention
Mommy wore super white.. she blended in with the sofa.. looked so angelic ya
Poor Duchess.. wanted to play but got tired after awhile of playing tug-of-war with Dad
Guesss Dad got tired of tugging too.. LOL!

ME and Javier after Duchess remained still..
After we chat a bit, Aunt Monica brought us out for lunch at a nearby shophouse at Seri Kembangan. Oooo.. the food was splendid which was rare during lunch hours. Even the herbal drink was so ‘KAO’ that I got goosebumps drinking it.

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