Another Saturday + Madam Joo

It’s another Saturday and on Saturdays, we have breakfast at OLD TOWN Kopitiam. Joe will order his usual…

OLD TOWN Nasi Lemak Special

while Jake and I switch back and forth occasionally between these 2 dishes:

OLD TOWN Nasi Lemak Rendang

Kaya & Butter Toast

and the 2 little ones lately craved for OLD TOWN Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun

and for beverages, we always order White Milk Tea (a hot one for Joe and 3 iced ones to share between the remaining 4).

After breakfast, we went to Joe’s Report Card Day. He got 13th in class which was great. We are really proud of him. He had since jumped 2 classes before he got into the Bestari which is the 2nd class.

Now.. we are thinking. What to award him for his hardwork?

We went to visit Madam Joo (Jake’s grandma) in a nursing home in PJ. She was placed there so she can get the upmost attention and care in necessary daily needs with 24-hour nursing care by qualified nurses. Jake and I calls her POPO while the kids calls her PO-TAI instead of the usual TAI-PO; so they won’t get mixed up with my granny. POPO look really well staying there with a roommate to look out for her. Her roomie is really friendly and even gave the kids some sweets which was pretty sour I think because when we left, they quickly spat it out.

Erm.. as usual Javier is all to himself.. doesn’t want to get his picture taken with his great-grandmother.
But, he had a changed of heart later on before we said goodbye.

Aww.. the cutest pic taken of the day!!

This was the kids’ first time visit to the nursing home but they took it very maturely. Joe and Judith did ask whisperly why are there so many old people here. Why they need caring. Why they are staying here. We gave them some answers in return which made them understood a little (I hoped). They were also behaving well. Jake even took them along to see the rest of the home, the other elders, the facilities and also the compound. It’s a nice place not the kind where people always first predict as old and gloomy and probably yucky. Hey! This nursing home was bursting with folks walking around and saying HI! How adorable!!! Even the kids enjoyed the visit!

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