All In a Week Of June

Sad news first… because at the end of the day, we are always bound to be jolly!

Sad news is… it’s sad to announce that Little Mario (Javier’s terrapin) has passed away peacefully on 19th June 2009. I found it floating around in the aquarium like it was sunbathing. We don’t know what happened but I believe it’s sick or something because it didn’t want to eat for the past week. And it was always hiding away and enclosing itself inside its very own shell. But anyway, Hub came home and buried it in the garden.

RIP Little Mario”

It doesn’t look dead right?

Tuesday the 16th

About once a month, mom brings either her car, dad’s car or Ed’s car for a car wash at Cars International while we do some shopping in Jaya Jusco, Balakong. Well, it’s a car wash plus nano mist (RM28.80). In case you don’t know what it does, it actually smokes out the car inside out of all the nasty stuff like germs, bacteria, cockroaches, etc.

You might say it doesn’t really work but then we tried before on Hub’s car and magically, we don’t really see much roaches anymore. Car wash plus the nano mist takes normally an hour and half but then somehow this time it took longer, so I managed to snap some pics out of boredom. And mind you, be prepare to sniff some odd odour when you enter your car after the spray. Pity us, we were late to pick the kids up so we hastily went into the car and mom got half suffocated. LOL!

Mommy waiting… so long… she looks angry ya?

Those are my fingernails.. yup been waiting too

Before smoking…

It’s smoking now!

Friday the 19th…

….muffins making day. Each time a tray goes in, only 26 muffins managed to fit in. Mind you, mom’s oven is the home oven not those commercial kind. I roughly guessed it would take at least 4 hours and it really did took 4 hours and maybe another hour to really get all of them packed. By the time we finished, it was almost 7.30pm which was dinner time. Dad who adores to annoy us during muffin making time was doing his rounds thus explaining that he shouldn’t offer any help because he insist that he’ll make more of a mess. OK… typical DAD.

So.. we made 2 flavours again. Chocolate and Blueberry – 100 each. Making and baking muffins are quite fun actually except for the part where most of the time I get face steaming sessions every time I open the oven. It just goes, “SWOOSH!”

Choc Muffs

Blueberry Muffs

200 packed and done!

Saturday the 20th

Writebest Dinner 2009 was held at its premises. It was really last minute planning so there weren’t much activities. And since it was also the eve of Father’s Day, not many people turned up. But, fret not.. it was simple and better than the usual hustle bustle previous dinners. Shhhh… dun tell boss ya!

Kids hang around in Hub’s cubicle while waiting for arrivals

Whenever wherever WB have a party, there’s always the karaoke station where FIL will always nominate himself for the first song which is usually a song by Sam Hui. He’s good at it; that I have to admit. Then the Indonesian workers will render their very own song followed by Vietnamese workers doing their version which we don’t quite understand because it was mostly shouting and screaming. Hmm..

FIL rendering the crowd

(so serious.. so into the character)

Mr Tee had his own style… he’s the calm one

Kids were behaving… thank goodnez

Billy, Nancy and Cecilia being kawaii

Ah…. minus kawaii male looks better.. sweet!

U-Jin showing his feminine side..

We are SILS’… I married her brother.. LOLz

They are SILS too.. she married her husband’s brother while she married her husband’s brother! LOLz… does it mind boggle you?

Mr Lim, Kevin and Mr Ee

FIL and his pet-grandson

Mei-Mei, Nancy and Ti-Ti

Nancy toddler-sit Javier for me while I went for snapping rounds

Lidya and Onal

Michael and Dika


(single and available – *wink-wink*)

Novita and Bek

Mr Tee and family

Alice and Adrian

Ah Ming and family

Now you see him with shirt…..and…

…now you don’t. Looks like he’s on his way to spank someone lucky.

All the YONGZ’ except for red face one – drunk liao..

from top left : Demsi Jake Yong, @@, Cecilia Yong, Billy Yong;

Judith Ann Yong, Joe Anselm Yong

Introducing the ‘Art of Using An Adult as Standing-Pole’

Round and round and round

She got pulled 360′

Until she uttered, ‘talk to the hand’

Ooooo Cc and Billy performed a dance routine. Yay to everyone’s surprise!

(do note that Cc isn’t wearing any footwear)

Cc co-named her dance as, “The Slippery Dance”.

When they’re dancing….

….they’re professionals

and when they’re not dancing….

….they’re best buds and most important of all they’re in a special relationship.. hehe so special that nothing breaks them apart except ME!!! Wahaha!

Nancy and Adrian was pulled out of their comfort zone too.

It’s not easy dancing on slippery floor with flats you know?

Introducing Baby Jaymee

Baby Jaymee and Papa SK

Baby Jaymee and Mummy Jennifer

Baby Jaymee with Hubby.. my hubby not Baby Jaymee hubby.. OK?
ME and Baby Jaymee
(me luv luv babies)
Introducing the ‘Art of Taking Pics’
and finally one nice picture… minus the giggles, the hops and the wriggling

After some food, karaoke and dancing, lastly fireworks were let out. Hehe! You don’t get to see fireworks until August but for some, this was their lucky day. Fireworks at plain sight! Right up above our heads. Yippie!

While we packed to go home so the kids can get their kiddy rest, the rest danced the night away..

Sunday the 21st

Father’s Day!!! I have 2 old men. One is my daddy and one is my FIL. My Daddy one can postpone no problem.. hehe! Anyway we already got him a brand new mobile since his is in comatose form. I also made him a polo tee card which was a beige and maroon striped tee that he has one human size!

I made one for FIL too but his is a shirt with a ‘Lion King’ tie which is one of his favourite cartoons. I also bought some grooming utensils like facial scissors, nail clippers, comb, tweezers, etc to replace his current ones.

Since I don’t earn money, therefore I cannot afford to spend. So I normally DIY stuff from the heart when I have plenty of unspent time. Maybe you can get me a job. Something stay at home will do. LOLz.

Anyway, Hub and Cc decided to spend their Daddy on Father’s Day. I booked Alexis Bistro in The Gardens. We haven’t dined there before so this was our first encounter. We quite like the place though the service wasn’t that good. Hmm the servers were a little stuck-up but it’s ok we can play that role very well. Touché’. You do me; I do you!

Nancy showing us how to chow a pizza slice down – Pollo Pizza
This is Napoleon Pizza
(a bit on the salty side but nvm the crispy crust – yumyum)
Caesar Salad with bacon which I shared with Nancy and also Cc and also FIL
(he poke poke then left Nancy and ME with the greens only)
Lebanese Bread
I didn’t get to eat this.. Hub ordered but everyone said it was freaking good..
NZ flown in fresh mussels with its accompaniment bread
FIL’s ‘Alexis Nasi Istimewa’

My lovely Penne Carbonara
(couldn’t finish the last bit because as you add on.. you go yucky)

Hubby’s Roast Duck cooked in medium rare which was so freakishly pink but tasted sooo freaking good!

Nancy advertising her dish – Chicken Fillet topped with cherry toms

Cc doing spot-check to see what I’ve present FIL

I’m giving Nancy the knuckle up

Okay.. I don’t know how to explain what he’s doing to her but check out Cecilia’s Blog because the evidence are there!!

There are more candid pictures that Cecilia took with her mobile. There’s also a battle video between FIL and Javier. Watch and CHEERS~

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