A Great Big 10,000 THANK YOU

Yummy Mummy Blogging the Blog

The only place that I wanna hog..

My blog don’t need a prologue,

It is where I usually slog.


THANK YOU for making it 10,000..

So much to thank for, for all the reasons,

So much to give so much to share

Blog haters you better beware.

THANK YOU for viewing and never stop believing,

So great to be around in the world of blogging,

Life experiences are certainly rewarding,

Peace, Love and Charity forever giving.

If you have come back again and again,

Then THANK YOU for clicking my blog name.

Whatever it is we’re all the same..

No one is perfect only some are lame.

THANK YOU for the comments,

I appreciate your hard work content.

Updating you with my personal events,

Not much to brag about; not to the extent.


Do come back for more sometime,
I hope there’s enough time for me to rhyme,
I blog to de-stress and as a pastime,
I’m here to stay not just onetime.

What is there to thank some more

Can’t figure all but let’s get down to the core.

THANK YOU Hubby for making my header image,

THANK YOU for the minimal baggage.

THANK YOU all from all of age,

You made my blog my privilege.

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