Some Things R Best Left 2 Pro’s


Few days ago, I decided to give Javier a hair cut. I didn’t have the tools except for the barber kinda’ comb and a pair of scissors. I thought I could take it off easily so I was determined to try.

It happened during one of his bathing time. I put him in his old baby tub while he played around; I did the cutting. He moved here and there, squiggling around, spraying water everywhere. Next thing I know, there were obvious ‘cat-scratching’ patterns on his head. The back was OKAY but somehow I must have been so occupied snapping away without realizing what I’ve done. I think it was horrible but he was so happy that he didn’t have to visit the barber. He even said that, now he looked like daddy with daddy’s hair. 

(i think i have to smack my face for what i’ve done)


So, I quickly SMS Jake, telling him what I’ve done and guess what! He can’t wait to see the results. OMG. He told me not to do anything about it till he gets home.

He came home looking for Javier who had went into playing ‘hide and seek’. He giggled and gurgled. Oh wow! Jake was saying,

“Aiyo! Look what has mummy done to your hair! See what happens when someone tries to be smart!”



Then, after Jake had his dinner, I begged him to bring Javier to the barber and have a clean cut. Surprisingly, Javier didn’t hesitate. He just went along happily. Now, that got me wonder..hmm maybe he likes going to the barber when the sun goes down? Or maybe he just likes going out at night on a weekday! Before Javier left to the barber and before I locked the door, he said,

“Mommy, you must close the door, If not, the rats and butterflies will come in. Remember to close the door and wait for me downstairs; don’t go up.”

10 minutes later, he’s back in a very gleefully mood. Hopping and skipping while massaging his ‘botak’ head. Automatically he asked for a shower, this time ‘a cold one’, he said and I want bath downstairs’. I then asked him if he cried and he said,

“Mommy, I so good I didn’t cry oh. But, daddy hold my hand.”

After his bath, he proceed to what he does best; ‘susu time’.


Clean shave

-SORRY JAVIER but practice makes PERFECT-


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    i cannot stop laughing after seeing javier’s “new” hairstyle…
    sooo funny!!!!!! hahahahahhahaa

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